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Queens Theatre, 23rd June, 2003
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CakeAlthough the Rocky Horror Show actually began life on the 16th June 1973, the 30th anniversary night took place exactly 30 years and one week later on 23rd June 2003.

The show was playing in Cardiff for the actual birthday, but the main celebrations took place back where it started in London's West End.

In 1973 it had been The Theatre Upstairs, in 2003 the show was at the Queens Theatre.

Frank Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARP Playing the role of Frank N Furter was Jonathan Wilkes.

Jonathan had played the part since the start of the 30th anniversary tour back in October 2002 and by the time of the 30th anniversary night seemed very comfortable in the role.

He put in a belting performance for the special show and received a standing ovation from the die hard fans and "virgins" alike.

It was nice to read some of the reviews of the show in the press later in the week, praising the show itself and Jonathan's performance in particular; especially as many of the popular press papers have in the past seemed more interested in the fact that he shared a flat with Robbie Williams, than in his own talents.

Rhona Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARPNarrating the show was Scottish comedienne Rhona Cameron.

This was the first time I had seen Rhona perform the role, although she had played the part on several occasions during the previous months touring of the show and overall she was quite a good Narrator. Some people did think she rushed some of the lines and they couldn't always fit in the 'traditional' talk back lines.

The only thing that phased her was the shout back to her line "Over, what was over?", when someone who shall remain nameless Wink! shouted out "Your Career!!!!". After a brief pause, and to allow the laughter from the audience to subside, her reply was "Erm, I don't think so". Neither do we Rhona!

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Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARP Playing the roles of Riff, Columbia and Magenta were Neil Couperthwaite, Sally Hunt and Andrea Stevens. I have to admit something now, I failed to recognise Andrea at the after show party. Sorry Andrea, it's the wigs that do it! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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Brad and Janet Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARPStunning, that is the general opinion on Katie Rowley-Jones as Janet and Jon Boydon as Brad.

Jon is very popular amongst all the fans, not just as Brad but also when he understudies the role of Frank n Furter on the tour. We've received many emails telling us just how good he is in the role. Hopefully we'll get our chance to see him play the character later this year, not that we're wishing any ill-health on Jonathan!

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Rocky Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARPEddie Image COPYRIGHT TIMEWARPGraham Tudor played the role of Rocky Horror with Drew Jaymson as Eddie and Dr.Scott.

Drew does his own unique version of Dr.Scott. The high voice surpasses the Bee Gees on Eddies Teddy at one stage.

Stephanie regards his performance as Scott as the most memorable one she has ever seen.

She also describes Graham as a real sweetie!

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After the performance the first 50 people to book tickets (and a guest each) were invited to the after show party. It was a great game of spot the celebrity as a hundred costumed fans mingled with the cast and invited guests.

Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn were joined by Sue Blane, Yasmin Pettigrew and even an original Transylvanian from the Picture Show, Perry Bedden.

Robbie Williams made a quick dash for the exit after the show, having watched his mate Jonathan Wilkes, even joining in with some of the talk-back. I don't blame Robbie for the fast exit, the press seemed a little over keen for photographs, and there was some pushing involved.

Also spotted were tour Narrator Nick Bateman, Wayne Sleep, Lionel Blair and Amanda Barrie.


Above is a composite image of some of the guests with the fans after the show. I hope you enjoy the images on this page as much as we enjoyed the Birthday Cake!

All images shot with express permission of Rocky Horror Company

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