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Page updated Sunday, October 17th, 2010
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2009 Merchandise
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Souvenir BrochureVery much one for Rob this, he's bought at least six so far we hear.
The 2009/10 Souvenir Brochure is a joy to behold, 36 pages including the covers. Packed with photos of the current production, Biographies of the cast, a reproduction of the comic strip, how to do the Time Warp instructions with photos of Mark and Haley, Franks throughout the years page, The Rocky Virgin Kit with cut-outs page and yes, it is our original Virgins Guide from 1994 once more, paraphrased here and there a little on the way. They did ask us if they could use it on the RHCo site and merchandise of course. All this plus a rather nice chronology of the show and world events from 1973 to 2010.

Rear CoverPresented in a rather nice square format of 9 inches x 9 inches (237mm x 237mm in new money), the brochure features a lovely raised "Rocky Horror" section on the front cover and an image of David Bedella as Frank on the back. Both front and back covers are presented in a metallic finish which is quite stunning and a b*gger to photograph for this review, hence my images do not do it justice.

There a also some ads for the other merchandise as well as David Bedella's album and of course TimeWarp ourselves (thanks guys!)

PagesCurrently only available to buy at the Rocky Horror UK stage show venues during performances, the Souvenir Brochures are at time of review £6 each.

Shown here is a selection of the pages from the Brochure.

Updated: Sunday, October 17th, 2010
The brochure has been revised for the Autumn 2010 leg of the tour. Most images are the same, but the cast biographies have been changed to reflect the new cast members.

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