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Limited Availability!
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Just when you thought there could be no more weird merchandise links to Rocky Horror, Banbury's come up with the Chocky Horror Chocolate Bars. Available in the UK only.

Chocky Horror Bars

At least I get to use 'delicious' as a description of this merchandise. The 200g bars are thick chocolate with a soft (caramel) filling and a different flavouring in each chunk (five chunks to each bar). The flavours are banana, strawberry, orange, mint and cherry. Write your own jokes for giving someone your cherry chunk.

The marketing people also have a good sense of humour making the bar "Queen Size" instead of the more usual "King Size". I also like the bit on the ingredients list that said "may contain nuts", I don't think they meant that as a joke though!

Overall a hit (and no I am not being swayed by the box of forty eight bars they sent to us, seventeen of which remain at time of writing).

The bars should be in the shops soon, we're told they should cost between 60 and 78 pence, depending on supplier.

WIN Some chocolate in our monthly competition. Yep, we were so impressed by this product we decided to give away a couple of chocolate bars to each of our two winners for the web site Competition for April 2004.

You can also now scroll the page down for a close up of the bar code.

Oooh look at the dateHmm, well let's see: 01 that'll be the first of the month. 04 equals April and 2004, well that's the year we got you with a fake chocolate bar story!! Yep it's an April fool. I did of course honour my promise to give away some chocolate as bonus prizes in the competition, it just wasn't Chocky Horror bars. Work out the average price from the notes above for another clue it was a fake story.
But there's more.......

Nine years later in 2013..........
and we get a small package sent to the TimeWarp PO Box. No reply address just a sealed tin and a little note written on a label on the back of the envelope which reads.....
You are the inspiration for this

Yes they have done them for real for the 40th Anniversary of The Rocky Horror Show. Nothing like our orignal April 1st gag, but ever so well presented.
Click here to see our Merchandise page for the REAL Chocky Horror Bars.

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