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Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers (1980 movie)
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Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers Box SetNow we're talking! I remember many years ago (well over thirty at time of writing) spending my Saturday mornings at the ABC cinema in Wimbledon watching these weekly serials. Every week we'd learn how Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers had survived the previous weeks cliff-hanger ending and wondered if he'd not only save the world, but get the lovely Dale Arden as well.

The effects are as you would expect from seventy years ago, visible wires every now and then on the models of the space-ships. Of course the actors take every line seriously, they could be playing Shakespeare. The music can be a little repetative, but once you've heard it there's no forgetting it ever again.

You can see how Richard was influenced by these early science-fiction classics when he wrote Science-Fiction Double-Feature.

Made in 1936 in glorious Black and White the film stock has survived remarkably well, there are several scratches and sparkles visible on the transfer, but they just seem to add to the experience of watching something made nearly seventy years ago. Each episode runs for around seventeen minutes.

Enjoy the thirteen glorious episodes in this three disc Box Set as Flash battles to save the Earth from the evil Emperor Ming.

Cover notes:

"Planet Mongo is hurtling through space threatening to destroy Earth. Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers and Dale Arden join Doctor Zarkov on his rocket ship in an attempt to reach the planet and divert it from it's course.

Landing in Mongo, Flash Dale and Zarkov fall into the clutches of the merciless Emperor Ming, who imprisons Zarkov in his laboratory and then determined to win the beautiful Dale for his bride, condemns Flash to fight for his life.

Can Flash save the Earth? Will he overcome the evil Emperor Ming? Will Dale find love in the arms of her hero?

Watch the answers unfold in these 13 gripping episodes of Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers Space Soldiers"


Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers
Larry "Buster" Crabbe
Dale Arden
Jean Rogers
Emperor Ming
Charles Middleton
Pricilla Lawson
Princess Aura
Dr. Zarkov
Frank Shannon

Chapter One: Planet in Peril
Chapter Two: Tunnel Of Terror
Chapter Three: Death Grip
Chapter Four: The Sea Beast
Chapter Five: The Destroying Ray
Chapter Six: Flaming Torture
Chapter Seven: Shattering Doom
Chapter Eight: Tournament Of Death
Chapter Nine: Fighting The Fire Dragon
Chapter Ten: The Unseen Peril
Chapter Eleven: In The Claws Of Tigron
Chapter Twelve: Trapped In The Turret
Chapter Thirteen: Rocketing To Earth

Total Running time: 230 minutes | PAL television format | Region 0 | Certificate PG

3 Disc Box Set number 86025 | Released by Delta Music PLC. www.deltamusic.co.uk

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