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Night of the Demon (1980 movie)
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Night of the Demon - Peggy realizes that Dana has once again unclipped her bra strapDirected by Jaques Tourneur (1957)

Dana Andrews meets a prune and passes some magical papers using some not too inconsiderate skills.

Currently only available as a US (region 1) import DVD this disc contains both versions of this classic movie.

Not to be confused with the 1980 movie of the same name, Night of the Demon was the original movie shown to British viewers in 1957. An American version for the hard of thinking, oops I mean truncated version was released in the states in 1958 and re-titled Curse of the Demon. This disc features both the 95 minute UK version as well as the 82 minute USA version. It's what you might call a Science Fiction Double Feature disc. In the 1980's, Columbia Pictures replaced the 83-minute USA versions with the original UK versions but kept the title Curse of the Demon.

The story (based on Casting the Runes by M.R. James) tells of psychologist John Holden's (Dana Andrews) search for the truth about the death of one of his colleagues. He is drawn into the world of the supernatural, despite his reason and logic. Will he fall victim to the Demon? Watch and find out.

Interesting Trivia:

  • In the UK the movie was given an X certificate, that's equivalent to a modern 18 certificate.
  • The line "It's in the trees! It's coming!" was sampled from this movie for the opening of Kate Bush's song The Hounds of Love.
  • Joanna is able to call at the hotel of Dr. Holden, despite having just met him and his not telling her which of the thousands of hotels in London he is staying in.

Say Ahhhh Trivia:

  • Stephanie and I named our first son Dana after Dana Andrews.

Cast list

  • Dana Andrews - Dr. John Holden
  • Peggy Cummins- Joanna Harrington
  • Niall MacGinnis- Dr. Julian Karswell
  • Maurice Denham- Professor Henry Harrington
  • Athene Seyler- Mrs. Karswell
  • Liam Redmond- Professor Mark O'Brien
  • Reginald Beckwith- Mr. Meek
  • Ewan Roberts- Lloyd Williamson
  • Peter Elliott- Professor K.T. Kumar
  • Rosamund Greenwood- Mrs. Meek
  • Brian Wilde- Rand Hobart
  • Richard Leech- Inspector Mottrarn
  • Lloyd Lamble- Detective Simmons
  • Peter Hobbes- Superintendent
  • Charles Lloyd Pack- Chemist

DVD details:

  • Scary Digitally Mastered Audio and Anamorphic Video release
  • Re-mastered in High Definition
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: English, French, Japanese
  • Bonus Trailers
  • Black and White
  • Not Rated

Cover notes:

When psychologist John (Dana Andrews) Holden's colleague. Professor Harrington, is mysteriously and brutally murdered, Holden denies that it's the work of the devil...until he becomes the next target of the CURSE OF THE DEMON!

A cult classic, Curse of the Demon is restored and released for the first time in the U.S. at its full original length. Plus, catch the rare truncated American release back to back.

A British production, NIGHT OF THE DEMON was released in the UK in a 95 minute running time. For the American market, the Him was cut to 82 minutes, re-titled CURSE OF THE DEMON, and released in 1958. This DVD presents, for the first time in the US, the fully restored 95-minute version as seen by British audiences in 1957, as well as the rare, truncated American release.

All in all, Great Movie.

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