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27th & 28th May 2006 - Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, UK
Denton Affair II Denton Affair II - Hard Rock 2007

The Denton Affair Rocky Horror Shock Treatment Convention took place in Manchester in May 2006, with many guests from Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment and all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.Vicki posted a message to say that around 150 attendees were at the event over the two days (unfortunately Steph and I couldn't be there ourselves due to childcare reasons). Denton AffairKev (TimeWarp rep) did attend and his posting on the Forums about how it all went is reproduced with permission below. Click the banner to go to the Denton Affair site where there should be loads more photographs and comments from some of those that attended.

Kev's Review Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Apolgies I may go on here...

The Denton Affair was brilliant, if I had a hat I would take it of to Sandra, Marty, Vicki, Clive and Saff and the ever changing costumed Lou, for all the blood sweat and tears they put in to make it happen, and not only happen but to make it a success.

I know from attending the Transylvaina 94 and 99 conventions just how much hard work went into organising them from Stephanie and David at Timewarp and all the people behind the scenes. Its an Gargantuan and thankless task. I'd like to salute everyone who has ever taken up such a challenge you must be mental. HEH HEH

As an old Rocky Horror fart, (not as old as the Bagnal-meister tho, I found out during the weekend) I had seen a few of the guests at previous cons over the last few years, and to be honest I was wondering if I would hear anything new.

But I couldn't have been more wrong, to open we had a Pannel made up of various fans from the UK and USA and we got to learn a little about them and their Rocky History. This made an excellent opener to the con. I realised just how many Newer fans we had in and how many people hadn't been to a Con before. So it was helpful to open from a fan perspective.

Highlights for me of the weekend. Well firstly being able to ask so many questions from such a diverse list of guests, and then speak again on a one to one basis in the bars and food areas of the hotel.

Peri Bedden and Kimi Wongs pannel and their personal recolections of their invlovement with the show was at times quite raw and moving.

I guess we don't realise sometimes how much the show affected the people behind it. Peri's revaltion that the show had impacted his health and Kimi talking about her and Richards son Linus, was a world away from the usual "How did you get invloved with the show? Kind of Questioning and I thank them for sharing so much with us.

Hearing Stephen Calcutt and Annabel Leventon speak about making the film and the stories behind it was a joy. I think it was the first convention Annabel had attended and she came across wonderfully.

Another great pannel and new stories. I never knew Stephen had appeared in the old series of Dr Who and was Darth Vader not only in various parts of the Star wars films, but also in the "Tunes" advert from a few years ago on TV!!!!!

During these pannels Pat Quinn sat with us fans asking her own questions to the guests and sharing her takes on their stories, to hear another viewpoint at the same time was a bonus and sometimes equally as funny as those on stage.

Then I have to mention a BIG BIG thank you to Paul Winterford and Brendon Lovatt the director and Riff from the European Tour.

As always if fans arent sure who the next set of guests comming up are, they take a break from the hectic schedule and go and freshen up, get a bite to eat etc. (You can't blame them, its a long day.)

But if you missed these guys you missed a treat. Not only did they happily take questions and answers from the floor. But Brendon brought along two short specially recorded DVDs of life on the road with the European cast. To be able to see this exclusive footage of them at work and play was amazing. (I ended up txting people saying get yr asses back in here your missing so much!)All the best to Brandon and his new self penned musical show.

Talking of TXTing, who ever thought of letting people TXT a message up onto the screen next to the side of the stage was inspired. I was as guilty as the next person for taking advantage of this and a few of my lines raised a chuckle. Some of the other fans messages had me and Lou biting the seats in front of us trying not to laff. You all know who you are especially during the Sunday interviews!!! Even Raynor sent one at one point. Quality idea!

For those who went to Transylvainia 94,
(Please Timewarp can you do another one soon? go on PLEASE.....)
there was a puppet called "Anchor" who would appear behind the guests at various points and we had to shout "Hello Anchor!" Now Shouted quickly by 600 fans this made an amusing effect to see the guests reaction as to why the audience had just shouted somthing that may have sounded rude!

Well this time in the spirit of the coughing Major of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" we had messages like:

"Cough if you would like to see Julien (Rocky from the stage show) do a back flip" (Audience coughed and he Duly abliged) then...
"Cough if you want Raynour Bourton to do a back flip" heh heh.
"Cough if you think Pat is looking great today" etc etc.

Lovely to see lots of TXTs showing Romance and Rudies blossoming at the con:
"Girl in the Blue Jacket and Combats, your fit by the bloke in the..." etc etc.

And fantastic to see txt messages up on the big screen from a few "Absent Friends" who couldn't make the con. It was nice thing to do and yes you were all missed, every last one of you. Wish you could have made it.

Raynor interviewing Pat was good, it was at times hilarious, with Raynor throwing a few tricky questions her way. It was like evedropping on too old friends having a right good old catch up!

Didn't see all of Nicholas Parsons spot, as I had to dash off and slip into somethign more Sparkly and less comfortable to help out with the Auction. But I could hear laughter as I came back to the main hall so it must have gone well.

The Auction raised a few bob for the charity and to everyone who simply bidded (never mind won anything,) you were amazing and thank you for your generousity. I'm sure Nicholas's old Fishnets from the stage show have gone to a good home!

Thanks to Saffy and Amy for helping out with the comedy Butlins style Raffle later on! Madness sheer madness...

The preshow workshop cast were fab, well done all those for having the balls to take part, you were great! And the others were brillaint too, outshone and outclassed was the only way I can desribe my part there! So much effort went into the Rocky inspired shows, they were a great lead up to the shadowcasting.

The last time I was in a shadow cast was 1994 before I retired!, and the last time and saw a full shadow cast perform was 1999 at T99, due to the fact that theres no local (ish) showings.
I saw Singa longa a few months back but you guys were the real thing!. HURRAH. Professional, acurate and funny, and not only the performers from the UK but also our friends from abroad in the cast. Well done everyone invloved.

Perry and PatPat and Perry doing Space riff and MAdge at the end was a real treat, another "first" for us fans. Well done perry for persuading Pat to do it.

Image to the right kindly sent by Perry himself

I bumped into the lovely Shona, Nathan (isn't he agreat bloke?) and some of the cast from the current UK tour arriving in the lift at around 1am, having travelled straight form that evenings show. (Dedication to the cause or what!)

Not sure if there actually was a disco, as I was one of the naughty peeps who stayed in the bar chatting till 4am. (on j20 orange I might add!) Although it was great standing at the piano with Em and company wile we all had a crack at various show tunes!!!!

Oh and it was brillaint as ever to enjoy the company of David Bedella who remains, as always, quite the stealthy charmer.
Retiring to bed I had a bit of a sleep in and turned up late during the talk from the new cast, and got a tongue in cheek reprimand. lol

They were as chatty and open as they always are at the stage door, and there were some great moments from everyone. Juliens story of the worst job they ever had, Nathan talking of the mad footbal fans in his mums pub!! Lyndens adapting a bit too well to the heels!! LOL Even A relunctant Lizzie from Wigs answered a few questins and made a great job of it.
Raynor joined the pannel and again his laid back style of questioning proved a hit with the pannel and TXT maniacs.

I think my favourite pannel was with Richard Hartley, I mean come on, when else are EVER gonna have the opertunity to ask questions to the man who scores Richards music not only for Rocky but for many of his other stage plays, songs and film work!!
And fair play to him, he didn't simply talk about Rocky, he was happy to answer qustins of some of the other less sucessful shows. (and how many artists can you name who would have been big enough to do that?)

I have been soooooo lucky to have met and chatted with Richard O'Brien on half a dozen occassions, once even spending an afternoon with him Publicising the stage show to the press.
But never had the chance to meet Richard Hartley the other man responcible for my favourite shows music, so if I had paid just to do that on the Sunday, it would have been worth the adnission price alone.

I think Gary Shail must have been Jet lagged travelling in all the way from North London? His pannel started off the right foot, with some great stories form Shock Treatment and other work,but then sadly we lost him to fatigue. Although it must be said respect to Marty, Richard and Pat for keeping the pannel together and not making it an issue.

As with all Cons, some things didn't quite go to plan, so it was sad we didn't have Chris Biggins or Paul Pecrino (I'd even brought his Rocky CD EP!) there in person. PLus as always there were problems with finding the various dealers rooms, Video rooms, Pannel delays, over running, etc etc that have always been a bind at all conventions (not just rocky) that I have been too. These things are unavoidable and I now take them as read that they will happen at cons. Plus we were thin on the attendies side, which kinda made the big venue that bit more empty, which was sad, and I admit the odd moment when I looked around and thought what a shame, you're missing a great event here.

Still It was awesome to meet up with friends old and new, Rob, Saffy, et all, time in your company never drags.
PLUS I FINALLY got to meet more of you lovely people from the forums!
Aorry if I don't list you all or can't remember our names!
..Em it was a pleasure and I hope to see your perfoming again soon.
..Lou, it was a blast, say hello again in Liverpool at RHS!
..Clive, loved your Glitterboots, you wore them well!!!
..The 2guys and 2girls (the guys entered the competition as Frank and Film Rocky) you lot made me laff so much during the evening.
..The French fans, one dressed as Hedwig, you rocked xxxx
.. Mad Man Mike, Larry, Ruth and Wally, it was great to see you all again, thanks for your input. You are invaluable to the world of Rocky.
..The American Girls who where with Sam? who was Brad. You were soooooooooo funny it was unbeliveable!

Sadly there were so many people I wanted to speak to, but I guess, the old British reserve stopped me from comming and saying hello. You all looked fantastic and I wish I'd spoken to more of you.

Well thats me done, again I think Richard Hartley was my highlight of the weekend. And I wanna say again just how much I appreachiate Marty and the gang's time and effort in organising a Con for us fans. It was a Great weekend and I hope along the way inbetween all the fun, we did a little good for the worthy charity Cancer Research UK.

It made me realise again what a wonderful little comunity we are the Rocky Comunity crosses all abilities, genders, backgrounds, class, countries and cultures and we should all treasure that thought for ever.

Here's to more Happy times and Places people.

Kev x 2006

Perry's images
Perry Bedden very kindly sent us a selection of small images from the day.

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