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Page updated Saturday, February 17th, 2007
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for Region 2 Players
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Did you wonder why the region two DVD seemed to have less content than the USA region one version?

Thought it was just the extra subtitles and the better TV system coding, well now we know.

We have just discovered that there is a secret second Easter Egg on the region two DVD

A secret key press brings up a whole section of information on the sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

To access the feature press the "MENU2" button on your remote control, as you know region two players have a second menu button to access additional features. You can also use the following series of key presses to access the extended menus. PRESS "0" followed by "1", followed by "0", then "4", then "2", a "0" another "0" then "1" to get the blue lips logo to appear on screen on the outtakes page of the disc

Click the lips to get a nice animated transition to the additional menu.

The extras feature the two songs that Kate O'Sullivan and Zalie Burrow recorded back in 1991, some of you may remember them singing a little of "Never Let Your Daughter Date an Alien" at the Transylvania 1992 Convention. There is also a full shooting script and a fifteen minute interview with Richard O'Brien about the plans to make the sequel early in 2002, probably just after March.

The best part of the extra features has to be the Teaser Trailer, filmed as an example of the style the movie would be shot in. although only one hundred and four seconds in length it does show all the characters, I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but exciting is not the word! There are a lot of very dark images, with the film planned to use the same silver based process that the movie Se7en featured on some of it's prints. Whether this will work on a DVD transfer is in some doubt and the movie looks like it may not see a home release until the technology advances enough.

Easter Egg doesn't work on your machine? need more information? then please click here

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