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The Hearse Returns!
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The Hearse reborn in 2009
The Hearse reborn in 2009

News: Eddie who created the hearse now has his own site at www.eddiestringer.com/


Sunday, August 14th, 2011. Rocky fans Mari and Jason have bought the Rocky Hearse and its franchise and intend to run it both as a business pretty much as Eddie did but more so. They are currently doing the Euro tour and will be taking the Hearse along, they've already been to Cologne and next stop is Hamburg to both the matinee and the late, on Saturday 20th August. Next stop is Dusseldorf, then Berlin and Mannhiem for the New Year, Cologne again in January.

The hearse in Edinburgh promoting the show June, 2010. Go View Images

The hearse in Sunderland promoting the show June, 2010. Go View Images

The hearse at Cambridge promoting the show April, 2010. Go View Images

The hearse at Darlington promoting the show on Friday 23rd April, 2010. Go View Images

The hearse at a Manchester Rocky Horror Picture Show screening promoting the show on Saturday 31st October 2009. Go View Images

The hearse at Liverpool One shopping centre on Saturday 31st October 2009. Go View Images

The hearse at the Milton Keynes shopping centre on Saturday 19th September 2009. Go View Images

There is also an interview with Eddie talking about the hearse on youtube


Cast your mind back to The Rocky Horror Show tours of the 90's. Do you remember the Rocky Horror Hearse that was used to promote the show? The hearse even made a special guest appearance at our Transylvania 99 Convention (and we all remember it setting off the smoke detectors later that night). The original hearse was sold to a fan after the tour ended, but finally surrendered to rust in 2002.

HearseWe've been sent the news that the hearse is to be re-born as a new and improved version for the 2009/10 tour.

The vehicle chosen will once more be converted by the legendary Eddie Stringer creator of the original 1990's promotional Rocky Horror hearse.

Shown in these two photographs is the hearse in it's virgin condition. HearseAs Eddie writes "It's a Carlton Quest 4 door hearse 1994 but only covered 32000 miles in its 15 years of service in Scotland. Collected on Friday the 17th April, its was filthy almost grey in colour, but after 3 hours of washing and polishing it is back to black (Amy Winehouse would be pleased). Work should start within a week or so once the sign writing has been agreed."

As the build progresses Eddie has offered to keep us informed and send us more images for your delight.

We'll also let you know where the hearse will be appearing when the tour begins so you can say hello in person and maybe even send us your photographs of you with it.


UpdatedSunday, May 24th, 2009

RockyOhhh RockyThe hearse has now gone off to the shop to get all it's effects fitted.

Eddie also found himself a blonde man with a tan to accompany him in the car. What he's doing in the bed is anyone's guess!

Eddie did reply to the above question!
"You seemed concerned as to why a man with blond hair and a tan is in my bed.
Its simple really
When you pay 100.00 for a man, cold & emotionless, with no personality, no conversational skills
Well its a shame to waste the money"

The image on the right is the latest one of Rocky, as Eddie writes......
"So now this is more or less the finished thing
I'm getting rather attracted to him now,
Whats come over me?? OHH here it comes again"

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