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Klaus NierhoffKlaus Nierhoff

Klaus started his career at the Nierhoff Stages of the city of Cologne and Bonn, at the Theater where he acted in numerous stage plays, Films and TV productions. A variety of challenges were always the criteria for his choice of roles.

On television, he played many roles in series such as SOKO as 5113, in all friendship, Alarm for Cobra 11, The custom of SOKO Köln, The Old, A case for two and Coast Guard and in TV movies such as How do you spell Love, My evil friend or Krupp - A German family. For U.S. television, he performed alongside Judy Davis in One Against the Wind and alongside Jurgen Prochnow in Jewels.

He was known to a wide audience with his many years of commitment as Hannes Port in Marienhof and most recently as Christian Burners in the long-running ARD Lindenstraße.

Klaus Nierhoff starred in such films as the comedy Harmonists, football is our life, God is dead, The Poet, the top - down, The last Flight, under the stars and Sasha.

Theater productions took him to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Important roles included: Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bruno Fassbinder Katzelmacher, Eilif in Brecht Mother Courage and Her Children, in Leonce Büchner's Leonce and Lena, Ferdinand Schiller's Kabale und Liebe, Jupiter in Kleist Amphitryon Amphitryon in Peter Hacks' Amphitryon (Director: Günter Fleckenstein) and Narbonne, in Schiller's The Parasite.

Since 2008 he has hit the stage with the Gronholm Method on tour, most recently at the Schlosspark-Theater in Berlin.

His love of the musical showed when playing roles such as Fyodor or Perchik in Fiddler on the Roof (At the side of Wolfgang Reichmann Festspiele Bad Hersfeld), as Washington Irving, Knickerbocker Holiday, as the Lion in The Wizard of Oz, Hans in No Sex or in different productions of Piaf.

As a narrator Klaus Nierhoff had great success in Michael Bogdanov's production of Old English saga Beowulf.

With his memorable voice, he has appreared in numerous radio plays and features. He has participated as a speaker in The Swarm, The Pillars of the Earth or John Sinclair to name but a few. Particularly dear to him is his newly published shortly audiobook More Life with disability, with Julia Fischer, Anne Ott and Fabian Black.

By the late 70s he found Charles Gray in the Role of the narrator in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show intriguing, this mixture gentleman of perfectly shaped and voyeuristic made him a crazy commentator for the story. Klaus Nierhoff is very excited to be allowed to embody and play the character of the narrator himself in Richard O'Brien's brilliantly crazy show.


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Translated from the German text, so sorry for any slight grammatical mistakes and paraphrasing!

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