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Sky Du MontSky Du Mont

The actor and author Sky du Mont counts not only among the most prominent representatives of German television, but he is an internationally coveted star in U.S., English and French Film and TV productions.

In addition to numerous theater roles, he has appeared in German crime series, such as Derrick and Crime Scene and is often seen in the German cinema in films such as Gasoline, the film or the Blue Man Group as well as in many television productions.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sky du Mont was educated at school in Britain and high school in Switzerland. In 1969 he began studying acting in Munich, where he successfully graduated two years later. This was followed in 1972, by roles at the Munich Residenz Theater, where after one season he moved to Berlin and also began working in television.

The first roles in the then-popular series The Commissioner promised the beginning of an unstoppable television career, and Sky Mont played in various shows including characters in The consequences of old, A Case for Two, Two Munich, Hamburg, The moon shines for sub-tenants or seven days a Paradise. In fact he acted in well over 50 series in all. But Sky du Mont was not limited just to German television, but also conquered the U.S. screens where he was in one of the most successful TV series, General Hospital, where he starred in a total of 59 episodes.

In 1986 he starred in the British TV film Love with a Perfect Stranger and a year later in the American TV series War & Remembrance, in which he embodied the role of Count Stauffenberg. On French television he was in Production To see Monsieur Vidocq.

Sky du Mont starred in many U.S. American Theater productions before starring on film in the 1976 thriller The Boys from Brazil, together with Gregory Peck. In the same year he starred with William Holden in the thriller 21 Hours at Munich (The 21 Hours at Munich). In another exciting production, under the original title Avalanche Express which was released in 1979, he worked side by side with Lee Marvin. He also worked alongside Anthony Quinn in Libya in the 1980 Historical film Lion of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar - Lion of the Desert).

Other high points in Sky du Mont's film career include the filming of Eyes Wide Shut (1996 ), where he stars alongside superstars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise where he played the role of the Seducer. This internationally successful erotic thriller also marked the last work of the great filmmaker and Director Stanley Kubrick.

Sky played a high-profile role in June 2000 German film production from Manila which premiered a year later to enthusiastic reviews. The Karl May western satire Der Schuh des Manitu also won Sky du Mont with Bambi the Comedy Award in 2001.

From 2000, he hosted for two years The TV company Sky Lights magazine, with celebrities from culture and media among his guests.

Sky du Mont often embodied the Charmer, Lover and housewives favourite, but also played completely opposite characters such as villains and criminals. He has an extensive repertoire of characters and is a very versatile actor. He is also a successful voice over actor in high demand and has addition, over the past decade asserted himself as a successful author as well.

Under the title of Prince and Paparazzi, Sky du Mont, presented in September 2002 his first novel, which was made into a film by ZDF. His second novel, Prince and Forger was released in 2005 and the crime novel In best hands was released in 2007.

For his new collaboration with Michael "Bully" Herbig for cinematic comedy (T) spacecraft Surprise Sky du Mont in the autumn of 2004 won a 'Bambi' and the comedy Prize. At the awards ceremony of the golden deer in 2005 Sky du Mont-took over chairing the gala evening.

Sky du Mont lives with his wife and Mirja Tara and her two children in Hamburg Fayn.


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