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Also available as a full 720P HD version, just select that option.

So then, ever wondered how long it took to bring in the stage, sound check and set the lights up?

Well, I can say with some certainty, eight hours!

On Monday 24th June, 2013 me and a camera or two spent from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon watching the amazing crew put together The Rocky Horror Show. Yes, I did feel guilty just watching while others worked, but that's the price you pay for TimeLapse photography.

Huge thanks to Meryl Faiers at Rocky Horror Company, Phil Sykes for arriving early to let me set up and all his help throughtout the day, New Victoria Theatre, Woking and last, but no means least, to the fantastic crew who work so hard behind (literaly!) the scenes to bring our favourite show to us.

Watch, embed, share, comment, but most of all enjoy our little Time Warp.



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