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2018 - 2019 UK tour
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It wouldn't be The Rocky Horror Show without some rather fab merchandise for the fans and collectors out there.

I am going to list the merchandise that is new to this tour and available at the show itself on these pages.
There are also some items available that were seen at previous tours, you can find these over at the www.theatre-shop.com/rockyhorror/ web-site.

Fun Fact: Buying at least two of each item, one to use and one to keep pristine is now know as "Bagnalling", afer fan club rep Rob Bagnall.

Please click on an item for more information.

Time Warp tee
NEW Time Warp teeshirt
Drinks bottle
NEW Drinks Bottle
NEW Badges
NEW Babygrow

Fridge Magnet
Heat Change Mug
Picture Book
Picture Book
Tote Bag
Tote Bag
Fridge Magnet
Fridge Magnet

www.theatre-shop.com/rockyhorrorItems are available at the show itself and also via the www.theatre-shop.com/rockyhorror/ web-site. Please note not all items are currently available on the web.

All photographs of merchandise on this page are made by us.

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