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2021 - 2024 UK tour
Merchandise - Badges
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BadgesA set of six 'button' badges on a display card (sealed in cellophane when you buy them).

You get one with the older "Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show/Guaranteed Party" logo.

One "Don't Dream it Be It" in the same style as the new tee shirt

One Black and White concentric circles badge with "Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show" in black lettering.

One with "Brad! Janet! Rocky! Dr.Scott! Brad!" again, same style as the tee shirt.

One with "I'm A Wild and Untamed Thing", once more same style as the tee shirt.

The last badge uses the same text as the "Creature of the Night" tee shirt, but this one doesn't glow in the dark and uses red/magenta colouring on the "Of the Night" part of the phrase.

Each badge is 30mm wide, made of metal backing with plastic covered paper fronts, and uses the traditional 'safety pin' style fastening at the back.

Available at the show. £6.00

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