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Ode to Rocky Horror by Gordon Lamb, March 1st, 2003
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i will never forget the day i lost my virginity
sitting in the front row of the late night picture show
an inocent thrirteen, but not unlucky for some.
i danced and sang and threw rice
and yelled slut at janet wice.
Doing the timewarp in heals and mascara,
my friends all thought i was mad,
but i never will forget my first night,
At the late night picture show.

I went back the next year, ready for some fun and thrills.
we got dressed up in all the frills.
Got wet by water guns
And the sight of Frankies bum.
Sang and danced the night away.
with all the locals warbling away.
Then it ended and couldnt wait for the next year.

But 2 years have gone and i am very glum.
Everyday on the net 2 hear some news.
and it came and stood ages in the rain
to see rocky again.
i am prepared to dance and sing and shout.
for thats what rocky is all about.
so i sa to all the virgins.
just let your self go and enjoy the show.
And remember :
dont dream it be it

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