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I remember, I remember, a certain November by Andrew Sherriff
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I remember, I remember,
That day in two thousand and two.
When nervously preparing,
For something a bit of a do.
I stripped right off in the bathroom.
At mid-day it's strange to say,
I looked at my manly body hairs,
I was about to razor away.

I remember, I remember,
The strange ambition of mine,
To go to the Rocky Horror Show,
Dressed right up to the nines,
Stockings, suspenders, lipstick and wig,
And laced into a nice tight Basque,
With long satin gloves, and four inch heels,
As Frank-n-Furter you may ask.

I remember, I remember,
Christine returning home,
Sorting me out and calming my nerves,
For the evening roam,
I tottered as practice on the heels. Whilst,
She herself as Magenta dressed up,
Black dress, white apron and fluffy duster,
And also so heavy makeup.

I remember, I remember,
Stepson Alex, chickened out too uncool.
As Brad he would go in ordinary clothes;
Whilst I looked the perfect fool.
So off we went to pick up the rest,
Ben as Riff-Raff, Liz as Janet;
All dressed up except for Alex,
As if from a different planet.

I remember, I remember.
Walking downhill to the theatre Hippodrome,
Teetering, unbalanced, how do they do it?
Those women, whose heels are their home.
What an atmosphere! With people so weird,
Milling around in costumes outrageous,
Making for seats, not designed for the 'Time Warp';
But fun, what fun, for all of us.

I remember I remember,
The shouting, the singing, almost drowned the Narrator,
"Arse-hole, Slut" the audience cried,
Whilst we shone a torch each; and waved a newspaper.
Soon too soon it was all quite over,
We made our way home, to relax and unwind.
Mulling to ourselves the time we had had.
Rocky Horror Show '06? Yes, I don't mind.

Andrew Sherriff, 24th July 2006.

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