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Rocky Horror to be remade by LWT!
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Well wasn't that an interesting story in the Daily Mirror on Sunday (Feb 2000)?

Rocky Horror Picture Show to be remade for television!

Queen Mother to star as Magenta!!! (sorry, I made that bit up!)

There have been rumours of Robbie Williams playing Frank floating around for ages, he did once appear as 'Rocky' at a charity performance and didn't seem to like the front row shouting participation at him, well the line 'Oooh, it's Gary from Take That!' anyway.

The trouble with rumours like this is they are just that, rumours. As a rule we stick with the sensible option of neither confirming nor denying anything until we get the official word on the subject. with the growth of the internet this has only got worse. The Robbie as Frank story started on the net about two years ago, as did many other suggestions for Frank.

For once, we have taken the step of writing this reply as we are receiving dozens of emails on the subject. We have contacted Richard O'Brien this morning and here is his considered answer on the subject..........

It's not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard O'Brien says there are no real plans for this show, it is just a blown up rumour, and a little wishful thinking(?)!

Rocky Horror Company own the rights to the show, and nobody can stage a production without their permission. 20th Century Fox own the copyright to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is why TimeWarp do not publish any information until it is confirmed by a reliable source!!!!

Since we first wrote this article there have been plans to remake the movie for American television. These have been on and off for the past two years and they are still no nearer casting it as of today (Saturday, June 21st, 2003). Most people we speak to think it's a bad idea, although a few people across the pond think it would be only right to have an American remake as the participation started there.

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