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Page updated Saturday, August 28th, 2010
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The Outdoor screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Ruth sends us this news.........

"Hi, I am organising an outdoor screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire.

It forms one half of our Movie Nights event on the 20th and 21st August 2010 with a screening of Mamma Mia on Friday 20th August and Rocky Horror on the 21st August. We did this event for the first time last year with sceenings of Mamma Mia and Greace and attracted 7500 people, with a sell out for Mamma Mia. This year we have increaced the gate figure to 4500 a night.

The event is a picnic style screening with a road show from a local radio station and the showing of the film. Visitors are encouraged to dress up and join in to create a party type of atmosphere.

Our ticket prices are very resonable (8.00 in advance for an adult) we also offer a group rate where by when purchasing 10 tickets in advance you get 2 free."

More details are available on the Shugborough web site

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