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Rocky Horror in Mallorca
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Mike Samuels sends us more news......


Mike wrote us a record of what happened with the production.


Mikes DiarySunday, August 7th, 2005.
Rocky Update...

Staging the rocky horror show, with its audience participation, is simply amazing.

It generates excitement and enthusiasm, fun and laughter, happiness and sadness.

Despite a lot of hard work which was put into pre-performance publicity by the cast, the unsuspecting Spanish were initially taken by surprise. Like the Spanish lady who booked a party of 12 in...liked it so much...they all came back the next week. The elderly English lady...who knew about Rocky but got confused, her wild west fancy dress got soaked. There were those in the know...the 12 or so different nurses from local hospitals who turned up for each performance in surgical gowns, hats and masks... if they're reading this...please note for next time...water is sprayed towards the stage...not at us in the lighting and sound box!

The show itself was real fun to stage. Director Robert Bateman remained true to Richards concept of how the show should be staged...the "smut" is with the audience...not acted by the cast. Audience enthusiasm almost became too hot, when pieces of confetti looking uncannily like a toilet roll, wound itself around one of the red hot lights above the stage. I have to admit that there was also a certain over enthusiasm by some cast members which did struggle to appear...I think the bicycle pump in silhouette lasted two performances before it was spotted by "Hawkeye" Bateman. It was rapidly returned to a stage hands bike when said cast member realised that Robert had an alternative location in mind for said pump.

The cast were superb, so enthusiastic...the live music, backstage crew and on the tech side matched their enthusiasm...lots of late, late nights but each performance managed to bring even more to Richards vision. At an international level, we received good luck messages from the UK, United States and top fan title must go to Robert from Berlin. He contacted me saying he was trying to get to Mallorca to see the show. He did more than just see it. This avid Rocky fan was met at Palma airport by the ITV cameras...filmed in his fishnets and mini skirt arriving. (Thank God the sensors didn't pick up the suspender belt underneath...ITV would have had problems explaining that to the airport police) Robert was brought to the theatre by ITV where he watched both performances that night, met the cast and had after show drinks before returning to Berlin next morning.

I have to say that out of all the different productions I've been involved with over the years, Rocky has been the most fun to produce, and it also gave the most satisfaction too. I know that's true of all of us at Centre Stage Productions...but it's also true of our Spanish friends too. We hope to stage Rocky again soon and for those of you who can't watch us live...ITV4 in the UK are transmitting their film of the show in October. To quote an ITV film crew member after the last performance..."First night was great, and the show has just got better and better" Final act of the last show went to the cast...as the curtains closed for the last time...40 water pistols got the audience from the stage...take that!

Mikes DiaryMonday, July 11th, 2005.

We had a final rehearsal last night and take the theatre over from tomorrow. Scenery and props are all ready to be set up...lights mounted and all that remains is the fine tuning.

Dress rehearsal is Wednesday and the cast and crew are raring to go.

I just hope the public get the fun out of watching and joining in as we have staging the show.

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