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Page updated Friday, July 6th, 2007
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Mephistopheles Smith - resurrected!
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Mephistopheles SmithCathy sends us this news......

UpdatedFriday, July 6th, 2007

Paul Roberts (lead singer with band The Stranglers for 16 years) is to take on the role of Mephistopheles Smith for the rest of the Cloven Hooves Tour 2007!

One of music's most charasmatic charmers, Paul brings Richard O'Brien's devil to life in his own unique style. Let anyone try to resist... !

Tim Driesen, our fabulous Mephistopheles during Brighton Fringe shows in May, was snapped up shortly afterwards to play a lead role in the new musical 'Never Forget', based on the music of Take That. The show is touring from July to September followed by a West End run. Well done and good luck Tim!

Things have been a little frantic finding and rehearsing Tim's replacement, but it's all coming together again now and Paul is going to be fantastic!

Details on Paul and his band are at www.soulsec.com/

Details on our show dates and booking information are at mephistophelessmith.co.uk/

UpdatedThursday, April 19th, 2007

"We've finally got confirmation of details for Mephistopheles Smith at the Edinburgh Fringe. We thought we were going to be on at midnight, but last minute cancellation by one of the shows that was on before us means we go up at 22:30, which is great and also works out well for the fans hopefully, as the Rocky Horror theme nights at Frankenstein pub opposite start at midnight.

Full details are now on the website at www.mephistophelessmith.co.uk/tickets.html along with confirmed dates for our other shows in Reading and Guildford later this year.

Mephistopheles also now has his very own my space page! www.myspace.com/mephistopheles_smith"

"Theatre group - Janus Theatre Company - are putting on a production of Richard O'Brien's Mephistopheles Smith this year.

As far as I know the show has never re-appeared since it was performed it at the Comedy Theatre in 1996 and Richard has given us permission to re-work and perform the show in 2007.

Janus Theatre aims to merge non-professional and professional actors and crew. For this production we'll have a fully professional main cast with a non professional gospel type choir at some of the venues. All the songs will be totally re-recorded, so it should sound awesome! We've added some new topical jokes and plan to incorporate an extra song that all Richard fans should recognise.

Confirmed dates so far are Brighton Fringe Festival May 4-6, 10-13 and 17-20 at 21:00 Venue Sussex Arts Club www.sussexarts.com/

Full details are at www.mephistophelessmith.co.uk/

We are also planning for Guilfest in July, Edinburgh Festival in August, Reading South Street Theatre in September and Guilford Electric Theatre in October (all to be confirmed)."

TimeWarp Webmaster Note: To avoid confussion: It's worth pointing out once more that it will not be Richard O'Brien himself performing as Mephistopheles Smith.

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