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Easter Monday 2002
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The current world record for a projected video image stands at 68 metres (diagonal image size), set in 2000 in Nevada, USA.

Early in the morning of the Easter Bank Holiday Monday an attempt will be made here in the UK to break this record with a projection of the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD in central London by UK from Maydeuup Video Projection plc

Using state of the art video projection equipment, the company will attempt to project an image from the South Bank across the Thames over the full width of the Houses of Parliament, smashing the record by at least eighty metres.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was chosen as the movie to be projected as the DVD quality was deemed to be one of the best region two (UK/Europe) discs currently on the market and it's cult status would also ensure good press coverage. I don't think the MP's will be dressing up for the event as Parliament is in recess for the Easter break!

The event will take place at around two am on the morning of the Easter Bank Holiday Monday, this date was chosen to cause the least possible traffic congestion/distraction as it is "Statistically one of the least busy days of the year for vehicle through-flow".

Updated, read the email we received from their press office. Click here

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