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Rocky Horror screening - Richard O'Brien
International Shadow Cast at the Rio, Dalston, London

Saturday 20th October 2018
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Celebrating 30 years of TimeWarp fan club 1988 - 2018
Shadow Cast and Richard O'Brien

To help celebrate the thirtieth anniversary year of TimeWarp fan club, we had a rather special screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Rio Cinema, Dalston.

We were joined by the International Shadow Cast as well as the creator and star of The Rocky Horror Show and The Rocky Horror Picture Show himself, Richard O'Brien.

The evening was planned as something Richard O'Brien would be attending for the fans and to help celebrate 30 years of the fan club and as such we didn't invite other guests this time around. Having said that we were surprised to see Richard Hartley also sitting in the audience, who told us he'd bought a ticket as a fan to see the show. What a guy!

RioOur venue for the evening was the Rio cinema in Dalston, an independent Art Deco cinema, and Grade II listed. We'd hoped to fill most of the stalls, and on the day the stalls were sold out and we even had a couple of rows of the circle filled up as well. Tilly had organised flats to create us a changing area and keep us hidden from the audience and the cinema built us extra steps up to the stage as we rehearsed!

We got the the cinema in the early afternoon to allow for run-throughs and rehearsals for the pre-shows. As the afternoon went on, more and more of the shadow cast members joined. We were honoured to have performers from the USA, France, Germany, England, Scotland and even New Zealand join us for the screening and they have our thanks for making it such a special evening.

We also had Andy bring some merchandise along to sell to the fans. We had the cinema decorated with Rocky related posters and signs by Tilly and her team as well as the cinema arranging some themed cocktails in their bar.

The cinema opened the doors a little after six with our pre-shows starting just after 7pm.


I did a little intro, then Kev launched into his wonderful rendition of "The Winner Takes It All" to great applause. Next up we had some weird guy dressed as Rocky with a version of "Cause I'm a Blond", which seemed to be appreciated by the audience. Finally we had an amazing vignette from Max and Markee, performed with a video projection.

PreShowWe then had a short shout out to the 'Virgins' in the audience, both of them, followed by a few words from the man himself, Richard O'Brien!

Then it was into the movie with shadow casting. We had over twenty brilliant performers shadowing the film with some rather fun surprises (such as three Janet's during Toucha-Toucha-Touch-Me). Richard (and Richard) stayed for the whole screening and seemed to be having a great time.

At the end of the movie Richard O'Brien again took to the microphone to say a few words and very kindly agreed to stay and pose for a photo with the whole shadow cast. We also managed to drag Richard Hartley into the photo, who promptly managed to hide behind Kev (you can still see his hair though).

Even though Richard had just flown in from New Zealand the day before, he stayed for nearly an hour after the screening to talk to the fans and sign autographs and take photos. We cannot thank you enough Richard, you made so many people's night out a memory to 'treasure forever'. Stephanie and I are so grateful, as are all the fans.

CakeTilly had one more surprise for us after the screening, a ChockyWoccyDooDah Rocky Horror Cake! Thank you so much, Tilly, it was delicious and much appreciated by a tired but elated cast.

Everyone even sang 'Happy Birthday' for the fan club. We were touched (in the nice way).

We finally left the cinema a little after midnight and headed off to our hotel for the night. After a few drinkies with Kev we headed off to bed around 2am, checking a few fb posts from the fans as we went.

Thank you to everyone that attended this special night, rounding off our year of celebrations for the fan club reaching thirty years. Thirty Years, say it out loud, wow!

Special thanks to Tilly who did a lot of the organisation of the venue and to Gia for all her work on organising the International Shadow Cast. Kev, Max and Markee for the pre-shows. Also a huge thankyou to all the staff at the Rio Cinema for all their help and kindness. Anyone else I have missed off, I apologise. You all have our thanks!

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