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Little Shop of Rocky Horror
The Joogleberry Playhouse, Brighton - Friday, May 13th, 2005
Reviewed by Vicki Adams-Salmon
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A Cabaret presentation by 'The Miserable Sound of Annie's Hairy Phantom'

Billed as a 'Fevered extravaganza' of two 25 minute acts, at first, when booking the tickets we assumed that it would be one show for Rocky and one show for Little Shop - and thought it would be a good excuse to dress up for the night and flyer for The Denton Affair convention and we were really impressed with their attention to detail and the quality of the show including costumes and vocals.

Firstly, let me set the scene - We arrived and settled down at one of the tables towards the back of the venue ( as most were reserved for friends of the cast and media). After about half and hour a hand tapped us on the shoulder and said 'Evening chaps - I'm really looking forward to tonight, aren't you' - well I almost spilt my drink! It was Richard O'Brien! He sat on the table next to use with some friends including Mel Smith and his wife.

The lights dimmed, and from behind the curtain came Josh Mills, a fan of both films and the mastermind behind the merging of these well known 'gems' handing out popcorn in a little 'Trixie number'. With just three actors we wondered how they would carry over the characters in both films….a little gadget called a projector stepped in with footage for the required numbers, and first - three pair of lips rang with what we know is the start of the show…….updated with reference to Dr Who, Star Wars and Hitchhikers guide.

The well known songs from both films merged into each other, seamlessly, and even though they were not in any order - it worked extremely well. Similarities between Seymour and Brad ? Well spotted there Josh! It was really well sung and well produced throughout and Brad stripping off into Frank was a masterpiece!

Richard was in good form, shouting the familiar call-backs …"But you're not" ….and when 'Toucha Toucha' came on (after the line 'heavy petting') he leaned over to Mel Smith and in a rather loud voice said.. .."My mother never liked this song!"

The couple of technical hitches associated with it being a one night show were dealt with brilliantly by the cast and appreciated by the audience.

Casting for the show included Lucy Bundy - playing Janet, Audrey, Magenta and Audrey 2 (joined with Josh) who played Trixie , Rocky and the Piano and Gary Blair playing Brad, Seymour and Frank, with any incidental parts being taken by the pre-recorded DVD/Projector, including footage of them TIMEWARPING all over Brighton including outside the Brighton Dome.

The finale was a seamless blending of 'Wild and untamed thing' and 'Mean Green Mother' and this just rounded off the evening. With our convention flyers plastered all over the tables being autographed by Richard at the end it was a really good P.R. night too!

It was a shame that this wonderful show was only a 'one nighter' as the audience really enjoyed the evening, local reviews were outstanding and you can check out www.realbrighton.com for more pictures and reviews. Lets hope that they perform the show somewhere else soon!

Visit the Joogleberry Playhouse web site at www.joogleberry.com

© Vicki Adams-Salmon www.lessvulnerable.co.uk

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