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The Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds - Saturday 23rd February 2002
Review by Alex Leighton
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The Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, Leeds

With prop bags full of gear, Clive as Eddie, Scott as Lab Brad, Nikki as Pyjama Columbia, Emma as Floorshow Frank and myself as Sweet T Frank were virtually all sorted upstairs and with the taxi on it's way to take us to the Cinema, we went down to reception. Already waiting there was Selina (Rocktart) in Space Magenta....great eye make up!!, Rachel in Negligee Magenta and Cath in Tails Columbia. So we all piled into a couple of taxis to the cinema.

The anally retentive doorman made us wait outside which was a bit of an pain because it was freezing, the windchill up my fishnets was minus ten at the warmest!!

But I met more folks n freaks there in the doorway too, Amy turned up with Ed; they were dressed as American Gothic and looked seriously good!! James and Jez were there too, in leg warming jeans over their nets and wrapped up warm in antici..........pation of the cold wait outside the door!! Very sensible.

Once inside it was straight to the front, of course and bags on seats for the rest of the gang who were ticket buying on entry, we were mainly on the second row, but not a problem, it gave me the seat gaps in front to use as a toast rack.

Unfortunately the old cinema was a little reluctant to play the CD for the Fork's opening pre-show so it didn't go ahead, but then a few RHPS virgins were suitably embarrased on the stage and all of us in costume were voted by audience applause for the best male and female (biologically) costume, our gang did well, the hutch was suitably represented and most of us were at one time standing to one side for the 'loudest applaud so far'. Selina won the female costume and although myself, Clive and Scott were all in the running at some point the male winner was a cool character dressed as Floorshow (miniscule G-string) Frank.

The show itself was excellent, Emma-Fork looked great, the sparkliest, spangliest lipstick you ever did see came out for the floorshow and she looked Fab!, I gotta get some! Their Riff was a bit of a nutter too and made the character work well. Clive was suitably seated to act as reserve spotlight man for the lighting guy sat in front of us and took it all in his stride like to true pro!

The time flew by, as you'd expect me to say, but it really did, from half eight to half eleven it was all going off and a complete mad house, a couple of new lines got slipped in, Clive with a 'groaner' line relating to the late Princess Margaret and myself and Nikki with a reference to us still waiting for our new costumes to get here from the states with a line for Riff thinking you were the 'UPS' man in 'Sweet Transvestite'. We are working on some more for Birmingham next saturday now. See y'all there hopefully.


You can visit Alex's own web site at www.riff-raff-88.co.uk

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