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RHPS Tunbridge Wells screening
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Tunbridge Wells looked pretty much out of the question, on that rainy windy Saturday, as I was at work untill 6pm that evening. But due to a freak epidemic of people phoning in sick at work I managed to get my shift changed so that I could finish at 5, leaving myself and Selina plenty of time to get transformed.

I put on all my underwear under my uniform at work, and ran down to Selina already all made up waiting for me in the car looking fantastic as usual as" Space Magenta", I but I had no make up on and no costume and we had to get going if were to get to the Arts Centre with any kind of time to spare ( for drinking obv!)

We took the chance and stopped off at my house so that I could get ready properly, without getting white face paint all over the car seats as we went spinning round corners. An hour later :-) which is quick for me we were on our way.....

We arrived outside the Trinity Arts Centre, quite amused by the sight that it was a converted church, hmmm if god could see us now.

Hoping that This was the right place we slopped into the bar area, well there being a bar made us think that we probably were.

Selina suggested that now might be a good time to pop to the loo and do what Magentas do... put on there gloves and wigs ( what were you thinking?)

As we both walked out in full costume, I was dinner dress Magenta, we were confronted by a very short man from the local paper, more concered about getting a drink before the film started we asked him to wait...ah fame!!

A photo here a groupen huggin there and then very stranged voiced man informed us that the film was about to start, we entered the cinema ( lucky cinema)and grabbed our front row seats and put out all our props ready.

The fact that there was no shadow cast didnt put myself and Selina off of attending, but know that David and Stephanie were attending made it worth while, because your always guarented some good call backs.

David introduced himself and " The man in the green sequined jacket" proceeded to embarass the local " Virgins" but all walked away with a lovely gold "Virginity" certificate to proudly show there family and children ( yeah right).

This film began and the lips appeared ...." A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.." all said together and it sounded fantastic, but the three main things that stick in my mind are, Dave going up to the screen during " Frankenstein Place" and touching the roof of the castle and getting hit by the bolt of lighting, Stephanie going up to Frank during "I'm going home" and pinching his bum till he flicks her aside, and finally the best memory of all was myself Selina, David and Stephanie and getting up to spin the screen and fall over when the Crim stops the globe......fantasic.

In my humble little opinion, this film showing was the best i've been to in a long time.

Rachel 2002

The Tunbridge Wells Courier also reviewed the show, Rachel and Selina featured in their photograph, here's what their reviewer Caroline Judd wrote......

If you were out and about in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday night, you may well have come across some ladies in nothing more than kinky underwear beneath their rain coats or even one or two young men in full make-up and wearing stilettos. And was that a glimpse of a stocking-top you saw on that gentleman at the station?

The explination is probably simpler than you'd imagine, as on Saturday the Trinity Arts Centre played host to the weird and the wonderful with a special screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Created by Richard O'Brien, the orinal musical opened at a tiny London theatre in 1973 as an experimental workshop project. It rapidly grew in popularity and filming began only a year later with newcomer Tim Curry in the now legendary role of Frank N Furter and Susan Sarandon as Janet.

Based on the B-movies of the 1950s, the play and feature film follow a naive young couple who stumble Into a world of hedonism and horror.

Frank N Furter is the Dr Frankenstein of the piece, a transvestite alien creating his own perfect man and seducing anyone and everyone. Intro-duced to this wild lifestyle, teen lovers Brad and Janet face moral ruin and barely escape with their lives

In true Rocky Horror fashion fans young and old dressed up for the event and the night was made really special by the attendance of members of TimeWarp, the only official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club in the UK.

Their job, to whip the audience into a frenzy and encourage audience participation, was expertly carried out and a huge success.

All the necessary props flew in abundance and the Trinity were good enough to allow water pistols.

For the uninitiated or "virgins" it must have been a superb first experience of this cult classic.

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