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Fishnets and Garters Inc. Rocky Horror Experience
The Tackeroo Pub, Hednesford Review by Karl Farr
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ImageSaturday 1st November 2003

Donna and myself turned up at the pub early Saturday morning. We knew it was going to be a long day as we needed to dress the stage, do a sound check and make sure everything we needed for the night was in place. First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Geoff Somerfield from the Tackeroo who provided us with steaming hot cups of tea as we beaverd away transforming his pub into the castle Transylvania. Shortly after we arrived, the 'roadies' turned up. Namely, Barbara (my mom) and Geoff (her partner). Barb helped with dressing the pub while Geoff, who was doing the sound for the evening, annoyed us both by making us walk round with our headset mics on reciting 'Mary had a little lamb' (There were a few versions that he had never heard before). Once finished, we left for an afternoon of doing bugger all!!! The night of the show arrived, we left for the pub with apprehensions of what sort of crowd we were going to get. As we changed into our phantom costumes, we had a sneak peak out the stage door, not a lot of people in, oh dear!! So, we said "Sod it!" and went for it anyway.

As we warmed up the crowd, more people came through the door, it wasn't going to be that bad after all, phew!!! As the night went on, more and more people came in and had fun joining in all the games we had concocted. ImageMost seemed quite embarrassed to get on stage but soon joined in the fun. Non more than John, an un-expecting punter, who we took back stage and dressed as a woman!!! He came on stage and gave it his all by doing a little dance to 'The Stripper'. But we did give him a T-shirt to hide his embarrassment. The Raffle, for a Rocky Horror goodie bag, was won by Ann. Hope she enjoys all the delights it has to offer. A big thank you goes out to all those who dressed up (or down) for the evening. The winner (who's name escapes me, but you know who you are) won a Fishnets and Garters Inc. 'don't care bear.' A little teddy donned in fishnets, basque and pearls, beautifully crafted by Donna. The night was ended with a encore of 'Hot Patootie' and 'The Timewarp.'

ImgaeI would like to say thank you to a few people that made the night what it was. First to Geoff & Sandra at the Tackeroo for the cups of tea and for joining in the fun. Next to my mom, Barbara Farr, for selling the raffle tickets and helping out in any way she could, even with a bad foot. Then to Geoff Whitehouse, mom's partner, for all the hard work he put in with the audio recording and the sound on the night. I have to say thank you to Donna, my wife, for the hours she has put in making the costumes and putting up with me. Last, but by no means least, to all who attended and joined in the fun. Without you we have no show. I hope you enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed having you.

THANK YOU!!!      www.fishnets.0catch.com   www.tackeroo.com

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