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Rocky Horror Telectroscope link up with the USA
Sunday 15th June 2008
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Image © Debbie - TelectroscopeWe were asked by the good folk behind a great fun thing called the Telectroscope, to bring together a party of UK Fans in London to 'meet' the same - a bunch of Rocky Horror Costumed fans - across the water in New York. As happens with these events it was all at very short notice.

The Telectroscope itself was said to be a tunnel connecting London to New York, started back in Victorian days. Click here for a link to their web site with full details. In reality you get to stare at a monitor and see what's going on over on the other side of the Atlantic via a rather swish high bandwidth link. Either way, great idea!

So on Sunday 15th June 2008 we set off with the boys to the Telectroscope placed near the Thames, right by the office of the Mayor of London. Helen and her friend also joined us so we had six people in costume ready to Time Warp with a link up to the fans in the USA, or at least that was the plan. Due to a little confusion in the USA the folks over there got the impression it was midnight their time that we were linking up, rather than noon. That wasn't going to stop us though and at just after 5pm UK time we (and most of the crowd) did the Time Warp again.

We then spent a nice half-an-hour sitting on the South Bank having hundreds of tourists come up and ask for photos.

Debbie from the organisers took some great images of the day and you can click here for a link to see them. The top image on this page is also one of her shots.

Here's a few photo's that I took on the day.

Photo TWW
Illya and the girls

Photo TWW
Steph and the girls

Photo TWW
Dana's getting older!

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