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The movie of Rocky Horror
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About The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was filmed late in 1974. The original stage show had been seen by a producer named Lou Adler, who convinced 20th Century Fox to produce a movie version of the show.

Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell reprised their stage roles of Frank N Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia and were joined by Jonathan Adams as Dr Scott, who originally played the role of the Narrator in the stage production.

They were joined by Meat Loaf, in his first credited screen role as Eddie, Susan Sarandon as Janet, Barry Bostwick as Brad, Charles Gray as a Crimanologist (Narrator) and Peter Hinwood as Rocky. Did you know Peter Hindwood's singing was dubbed for the movie?

Filming took place in England at Bray Studios and nearby Oakley Court and took just six weeks to complete at a cost in 1974 of around a million US dollars.

Rocky Horror Picture Show was first screened in London on 14th August 1975 and in the USA on 26th September 1975. Initially the film wasn't a great success until a marketing person at Fox decided to screen it in a Midnight slot.

The movie began to attract a cult following with people turning up again and again to see it. It was in the USA that fans started to shout out lines to the screen and dress up as their favourite characters, this grew into the audience participation that we know today and has crossed back from the movie to the stage shows. Fans even started miming out the movie on screen in front of the projected images and Shadow Casting was born.

In the movies hey-day it was shown weekly in over 270 screens across America and around the world there were also weekly screenings. Here in the UK in the late eighties and early nineties the movie screened weekly, first at the Screen on Baker Street and then at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

Nowadays the movie still has weekly screenings in the USA, but here in the UK there are only a few fan led screenings each year. In 2004 the Singalonga people decided to create their own version of the participation the audience had being doing for over twenty years and now tours the country with their own commercial version of the movie. Whereas you would pay around £5 to see the movie with a shadow cast of fans, they charge over £13 for one person introducing the movie and their projection of the words on screen. Always try and get to see a fan led screening if you can for what Rocky Horror Picture Show participation is really about.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

Tim Curry
Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Susan SarandonJanet Weiss
Barry BostwickBrad Majors
Richard O'BrienRiff Raff
Patricia QuinnMagenta
Nell CampbellColumbia (as Little Nell)
Jonathan AdamsDr. Everett Von Scott (A Rival Scientist)
Peter HinwoodRocky Horror
Meat LoafEddie (as Meatloaf)
Charles GrayThe Criminologist
Jeremy NewsonRalph Hapschatt
Hilary LabowBetty Munroe Hapschatt
Perry BeddenTransylvanian Guest
Christopher BigginsTransylvanian Guest
Gaye BrownTransylvanian Guest
Ishaq BuxTransylvanian Guest
Stephen CalcuttTransylvanian Guest
Hugh CecilTransylvanian Guest
Imogen ClaireTransylvanian Guest
Tony CowanTransylvanian Guest
Sadie CorreTransylvanian Guest
Fran FullenwiderTransylvanian Guest
Lindsay IngramTransylvanian Guest
Peggy LedgerTransylvanian Guest
Annabelle LeventonTransylvanian Guest
Anthony MilnerTransylvanian Guest
Pamela ObermeyerTransylvanian Guest
Tony ThenTransylvanian Guest
Kimi WongTransylvanian Guest
Gilda CohenTransylvanian Guest
Rufus CollinsTransylvanian Guest
Henry WoolfTransylvanian Guest
Petra LeahBridesmaid
Frank LesterWedding dad
John MarquandFather
Koo StarkBridesmaid
Gina BarrieBridesmaid

The Rocky Horror Picture Show first screening dates

UK (London)
14th August 1975
Italy31st August 1975
USA26th September 1975
Australia18th December 1975
West Germany24th June 1976
Spain6th February 1978
Sweden4th June 1978
Finland1st July 1988
South Korea20th June 1998
Czech Republic18th January 2001
Singapore1st November 2003

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