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Comic Relief 1999
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As if you didn't know, Comic Relief 1999 took place on Friday 12th March and that year TimeWarp joined The Red Web for the week. Our main title page had a link to their site, click the banner below to open up a new window, visit the main Comic Relief site, find out what it's all about and please make a donation while you are there. This is the original banner from the 1999 event, the link will work for any year.

Support Comic Relief

Stephanie does Comic ReliefStephanie does Comic ReliefStephanie spent Comic Relief day at work wearing her very revealing Magenta costume, and that included a walk into town at lunch-time to spend a hour or two in the pub! Her day in costume was sponsored by friends, colleagues and family and she raised over five hundred and fifty pounds for Comic Relief by the end of the day. To the left is a photograph of Stephanie at work.

On the right is Steph in the local pub, she assures me she didn't drink anything alchoholic during her visit, although a few of her work colleagues were forced to. For those of you who haven't heard of Tunbridge Wells, let's just say they tend to be a little conservative in their views, perfect victims for a Rocky style visit!

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