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The Rocky Horror Sequel Show GameRemember "The Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game", released in 1999 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the show in 1998 and the film in 2000?

You may also recall there has been talk of the sequel to the Rocky Horror Show for many years, with rumours that it was nearing completion later this year.

TimeWarp has been invited to test the new computer game based on the upcoming Rocky Sequel. As the show is still as yet to have a final name given to it the game manufacturers decided on calling their product "The Rocky Horror Sequel Show Game". A bit of irony there from ASoft of all people! (Those who played ASoft's first person shoot-em-up "Granny Blaster" will be familiar with their sense of humour.)

The game follows the plot of the show and Brad and Janet's continuing adventures with the aliens from Transexual in the Galaxy of Transylvania.

As in the previous Rocky computer games you get to choose to play either Brad or Janet. One nice option is the ability to have multiple other real life players take the roles of the other characters in the game. This requires a broadband connection for you computer and a subscription to the ASoft RolePay Server.

Rob and I have spent the past few weeks trying the finished game and running around as Riff Raff armed with a new (much improved, much bigger!) laser is one of the highlights. Sort of Doom meets Rocky Horror. I was quite proud of blasting Betty and Ralph Hapshatt out of their Honeymoon Hotel room!

The game is played in the first-player mode, with all action viewed from the perspective of the character. This does take a little getting used to, but the playing worlds are HUGE. Check out Denton town centre for a really boring night out.

Most of the images are computer generated, but there are some photo-realistic images also available in some of the movie-clip sequences. At time of publication we are awaiting more official screen shots we are however able to publish this one showing the Castle returning to Earth.

Screen Shot 1

Our main problem with giving a full review at the moment is the game is scheduled to be released with the new show and we are still awaiting confirmation of the exact date. It shouldn't be too long though. I will update this page with full information and a complete walk through game guide just as soon as we get the go-ahead to do so.

We have promised to keep the names of the stars that recorded voices for the game a secret until the launch date, but needless to say you will recognise at least five of them if you are a fan of the movie as well as the show.

Available on PC early 2003 and soon after for X-Box and PS2

Suggested Selling Price £39.99

Minimum PC System Requirements:

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Rob's Review This could be one of the most difficult reviews I have written so far. Only in as much as I cannot give away too much detail as to the exact plot of the game without giving away it's secrets.

The one thing about the game that immediately strikes you is the huge scale of it. It is easy just to spend hours wandering around the various locations looking at the details in each room. The CASTLE is back, but everything inside is changed around. Part of the mystery is deciding if it is indeed the same building that left Earth at the end of the first installment of the show/film.

The game is great fun, but also a little frustrating. I wanted to be able to hold more of a conversation with the characters that I met, rather than choosing something to say from the ten or so options for each meeting. The choices of what to say do vary as the game progresses, but it would be nice to be able to use the keyboard to put a real conversation in. When Dave and I were playing at the same time via the net it would have been nice to be able to chat as we played. ASoft have taken this comment on board and will be adding a patch to download to allow conversations to take place. Playstation and X-Box users will not only need the add on Broadband connector, but also a keyboard to use this new add on.

I have full review in the wings waiting for the OK from Dave and this will go into much more detail. Overall though a really worthy addition to your games collection and a must have for all ROCKY HORROR fans.

Rob Bagnall (March 2003)

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I would like to add a special thank you to Angela at ASoft for
the Broadband adaptors and free subscription
(Can Rob and I have another year for free please, beg, beg?)

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