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Page updated Sunday, March 4th, 2007
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show "sequel"
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Special Edition additional footage for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of the nice extras in the both new versions of Shock Treatment/RHPS is the addition of the "ghost" footage from the black and white test shots of Oakley Court. This was always rumoured to be out there and at last it gets a release as an extra feature, albeit as an easter egg on disc three. For those unfamiliar with this film, the story goes along the lines of if you watch the footage closely and keep your eye on the head of the griffin, there is a ghostly figure that appears for a moment. Blink and you miss it. It was always thought of as one of those urban myths that surround the filming of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but at last here it is. We are told that the footage will also come with a "Not for the Faint Hearted" warning, so someone has a sense of humour at least.

TimeWarp have been sent a preview copy as a shockwave flash movie file, we think this is about as good as the picture quality gets. The sound quality is really bad with the levels set really low, hopefully it will be better on the final version. Turn your speakers up high and you can just make out some speech from the camera man (around the bit where the camera gets nudged). It will be interesting to see if they censor what he says as he trips on the tripod.

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