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Kings Head Theatre in London from 17th April to 6th June, 2015
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Shock TreatmentShock Treatment was released in cinemas in 1981 and thirty four years later in 2015 a stage show version opened in London at the King's Head Theatre.

TWW Mini Review
We went along to see the show on the second preview night on Saturday 18th April and loved it!

The theatre seats just 123 and it was sold out for the preview. The stage is level at the front of the seating and to say the front row was close to it was an unerstatement as my feet were on the edge stage for most of the show.

With a cast of just seven the show was a different beast from the movie version, but the soul of Shocky shone through. I will try and avoid too many spoilers, but a very clever adaptation for the stage from Tom Crowley and new musical arrangements from Alex Beetschen allowed for some clever use of the cast to cover songs that were sung by others in the movie version. Having the live band in touching distance was also a fun experience. I never got to see the original production of The Rocky Horror Show at the Theatre Upstairs, but from what people have told me this production of Shock Treatment brought back memories of that experience.

As the theatre is so small, there is plenty of interaction with the audience with the cast moving amongst us and using the central aisle to great effect. I loved the A1 printed song sheet for "Denton USA" (and thanks for letting me do the lyric pointing bit guys, I was probably just meant to hold the sign for the last chorus, but hey!).

There were slight plot changes from the movie version, but they complimented the intimate nature of the venue and helped make this production the unique experience that it was. The only thing I would have liked to be a little clearer were Farley Flavors' motives and indeed motivation. That might however be down to knowing the movie so well. Nice change of direction for Ralph Hapshatt, but I will say no more on that one (spoilers).

The theatre is not your average West End venue and relies on funding from the audiences. Not that I need to tell you this, but do make sure you buy a programme and an A3 poster when you visit as it all helps meet their costs.

Get a ticket while you can, you'll love this show!


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Shock Treatment cast listing

Julie Atherton
Julie Atherton
Janet Majors
Ben Kerr
Ben Kerr
Brad Majors
Pete Gallagher
Pete Gallagher
Farley Flavors
From 10th May
Mark Little
Mark Little
Farley Flavors
Until 9th May
Adam Rhys-Davies
Adam Rhys-Davies
Cosmo McKinley
Nic Lamont
Nic Lamont
Nation McKinley
Rosanna Hyland
Rosanna Hyland
Betty Hapschatt
Mateo Oxley
Mateo Oxley
Ralph Hapschatt

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Fan Reviews of the show

Read Matt Jessee's review posted Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

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Press Release

From their web site.......

Brad and Janet, the perfect young everyday couple from cult classic THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW are back, but this time they’re not fighting transsexual aliens in a world of B-Movies. We join them as they are sucked into the world of TV Media, where bleach-white teeth and immaculate make-up are the warpaint, the studio audience are the crowds baying for blood, and people will stop at literally nothing to get the ratings through the roof.

Come and join us in Denton’s most break-neck TV studio and watch as two innocent lovebirds are torn apart by the talons of TV executive Farley Flavors, whose new television show Faith Factory will guarantee that at least one person is going to receive the shock of their life. As Doctors-and-Nurses fever takes hold of the studio, will Brad and Janet be able to escape, or will they forever be trapped behind the controlling powers of the exploitative – yet oddly charismatic – brother and sister pairing of TV Doctors Cosmo and Nation McKinley? Make sure that you tune in at the Kings Head Theatre during April to find out…

With music by Richard Hartley and lyrics by Richard O’Brien, SHOCK TREATMENT brings together the creative power of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and presents a stunning score full of songs that make you want to get up and join in with the action – and in some cases, this might be exactly what happens! Add to that Jim Sharman’s original book, now adapted for the stage by Tom Crowley, and the laughs – and shocks – come thick and fast.

After the sleeper 1981 cult movie, SHOCK TREATMENT is brought to the stage for the very first time by director Benji Sperring and Tarquin Productions, whose recent work includes the world premiere of Ivor Novello’s final musical VALLEY OF SONG (“Ideal” – Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph) and the centenary production of THE IMMORTAL HOUR (“brave and intriguing…tantalising” – Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph).

So, bring your lab coat and stethoscope, check your blood pressure, and prepare to play doctors and nurses as SHOCK TREATMENT takes over the airwaves - and your life!

Just had a nice email from Nic at the production with a link to the reheasal video for "Little Black Dress". Thanks Nic! Enjoy.......

We also have a Shock Treatment movie page available here.

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