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For details of all Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings, both Singalonga and real fan based Audience Participation please see our Tour Dates/Screenings page.

Your comments
We were intending to write our own review of the show after it had settled down, but we've now decided that we'd like to hear what you all think of the Singalonga experience as applied to Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is the response so far with the latest entry first. If you wish to add your opinion please send it to us via our Contact us Form.

I went to the Camberley show (10/06/06) and had a great time. It doesn't really compare to seeing the actual show of course, but was nevertheless a fun evening. The bag of props was a good move, our compere was fab and really managed to get everyone to join in.
Laura   Sunday, June 11th, 2006

We went to the singalong in Wellingborough a couple of weeks ago. My friend and I were rocky virgins but dressed up and took all the props..And we had a fabulous night out. The audiance were brilliant. If the stage show excells the singalongs then we are in for a real treat..
Go Rocky

Deborah   Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

my husband and i recently went to a singalong at catford theatre and it was brilliant the compere was great and lots of people dressed up and the atmospehre was great only problem the sound was a bit crummy .its horses for courses you either love singalongs or hate them the choice is yours
lisa poyner   Friday, March 31st, 2006

Having just got back from the stage show I've realised just what a pale shadow the sing-along-a is compared to it. The show is soooooooo good, we did shout one or two lines from the sing-along-a but they just didnt work for the stage show. Rocky live rules!!! :-)) We want to come agian
Charlie C   Sunday, March 19th, 2006

I've been to see it three times at the prince charles quite a while ago. The first time was fantastic and I was a complete virgin, I'd only actually even seen the film half way through before and well, honestly, I was also in quite an um, otherworldy state before I went in. I had so much fun me and my friend booked tickets to go and see it again. This time was very different, it seemed like a lot less people were dressed up and even less dressed up as characters from rocky horror. Even though we were drinking, it was abit of a dissapointment. The third time we had tickets bought for us by someone who'd heard we loved it and the tickets were cheap (I think it was the last showing). It wasn't as bad this time as we hadn't paid for them and although we still had fun, we couldn't help feeling it was a little tame.

I'm going again when it returns for my friend's birthday but I really would like it to be as exciting it was as when I first went.

Grace   Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Be carefull when youre booking show tickets as venues that have the singalongsa movie as well are getting confussed it took me ages to explain I wanted to see the stage show not some take off. Bromley we are talking about you. First they said tickets were on sale for Rocky it was only when there was only one date I realized it was the WRONG SHOW. I will be spending my money going to see the show not the singalongsa.

I haven't actually seen this but it does sound like it would be good for rocky virgins to go to.

Saying that it brings into question how they think they can organise AP? Isn't the original object of AP to be totally dis-organised and unexpected.

Personally I will not be going to a singalonga (why the extra a anyway?) as 13 seems way too much for some words projected onto a screen.

The people organising this may just be trying to copy the american version of cast and film acting together in unison, that has proved so sucessful in the states.

Louise Venning

I think SingalongaRHPS is best summed up as the Scrappy Doo of Rocky Horror!
Janice Grady

I enjoyed the screening at Bracknell it was more expensive that any other film i've seen but we did get told what to do and some things to use and the words to sing to as well
Paul Bourne

You have to admit that they are clever, taking the sing-along to theatres they get the show audiences and putting that interval in so the theatres can make even more money out of selling drinks.

I do agree with Alison about them changing all the AP, it might be a bit weird when the stage show tours again and people are shouting out things from the sing-along.

It's a pity we can't get more Less Vun fan based screenings around the country. Maybe they should tour their Shadow Cast show to the same venues for half the price. Now there's an idea :-)

Alicia Reynolds

I also went to the showing in Bracknell. If you went on the Saturday (as it was on Friday nite as well). I was dress as Columbia with top and tails (waves).

I do agree that the female compere was a bit pants, and the fancy dress comp was silly. But I think they may purposely pick people who are not fans but have tried with they costume. Hopefully trying to encourage them to come again.

I also went to one of the Prince Charles showing in London. The Compere was more your standard Drag Queen and was funny I think. What compere's have everyone else seen then? As it did make a big different to the show I felt.

I think it's sort of good if the group you are all or mostly virgins as it does encourage AP, but for old hands (like me) it's all forced and breaks a few of the rules that AP has. Like the compere (in both shows) told us to shouts slut and arsehole, EVERY time you SEE Janet and Brad, which gets annoying. Lucky, most people work that one out by the time Dammit Janet was half way through.

The prices are expensive. I can understand it being a bit more that standard cinema, as you have compere, the song word projected on the screen, goodbags and prizes. But should be only like a pound more or so.

I need the stage show back or Less V. to do more showings. Could Singalonga and a cast work together? Not sure


Saw the sing-a-long-a when it was on in London. I agree with Lulu, thirteen quid is a lot of money for a cheap prop bag and 'organized' participation. They are out to make money from the thirty years of fan loyalty. I won't be going to any of the sing-a-long-a screenings again, I'll wait for a real one.
Jamie C

I saw the sing a longa at Salford and although I enjoyed seeeing the film, the fans and the dressing up I found the night in general a bit 'planned' which i don't really like. I don't think I would go again, I'd rather wait for another live tour. Saying that 3 virgins were in the group I went with and they loved it.
Lollie P

i went to see the sing along rocky horror picture show on fri 11 june at st georges hall in bradford and i have to say it was the best i totally enjoyed myself especially the parts where we got to join in.
Natalie Coleman

I went last weekend to the Bracknell show at South Hill Park. The fancy dress contest was pathetic, basically the compere (more of her later) just grabbed the first person she saw with each character's costume as everyone in costume filed past her across the stage. Then we all had to cheer loudly for the best dressed person on the stage. The Frank she picked was wearing a purple furry skirt (?!). The compere was wearing a short skirt and Riff Raff type wig saying she was Riff Raff's sister (has she not seen the film before I asked myself??). She took us through a few lame actions for Eddie's Teddy and showed us what bits were in our props bag - card with slut and asshole, piece of Singalonga newspaper a party popper and not a lot else.

My friends and I did enjoy the evening, it's always fab to see our fave film on the big screen surrounded by fans and of course we all love dressing up. But the Singalonga people could have tried harder or charged less I felt, as it wasn't really worth £13. (compared with around £6 for a regular cinema ticket).

Tamsin Q

Hi i whent to the rocky singalonga in Manchester it was the first time id ever watched the film with hundreds of other rocky horror fans it was a great night out and the audience participation was good and the free little bag of props we got was really good inside was a plain dealer newspaper and other props. Id advise you to go and watch this show because it is brilliant.
Adam Clarke

Not very impressed, they didn't do much for the money they charged, there was no atmosphere. We get better value from L.V. who put their heart and soul into each performance and make it worthwhile for everyone. I have seen L.V. 3 times now and i would go again if i am in London. I only saw singalonga once in Colchester (after a 2 hour drive) and it was c X X p. I think they are just jumping on the bandwagon, they are obviously a business and have so many films on the list they are Jacks/Jills of all trades and masters of none!


First Impressions

We went along to the first showing of the Singalonga RHPS on Friday 28th November. It would be unfair to base a review of the first screening, especially as Singalonga Productions were keen to get feedback after the show and were very open to suggestions. We believe that both the traditional showings and the singalonga versions can compliment each other very well for the good of all Rocky Horror.

Statement on RHPS/Singalonga

There was a lot of resentment from many of the fans when Singanlonga first began as there was some rumours that they would get control of all UK screenings, we discussed this with all parties concerned and the following is the official statement from TimeWarp

Singalonga Productions, Fox UK and TimeWarp have discussed the comments of the Rocky Horror Fans with regard to 'Sing-a-long-a-Rocky Horror'.

Singalonga Productions are keen to encompass the Fans, new and established, and they have always intended that their Shows be a compliment to what is already a very interactive audience rather than any kind of replacement. They fully recognise that, unlike 'Sound of Music' Rocky has an existing tradition and ongoing life. It is not their intention to become sole providers of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and they hope that the original movie with its fan lead participation and the new Singalonga version could, and should, compliment and promote one another in a positive light.

Fox UK have said that regular bookings for Rocky Horror Picture Show will continue to be covered and prints of the Film provided. They have always supported TW very well in the past, and generously produced brand new prints of the film for our own Transylvania Conventions. They are keen that the Rocky Fans continue with their Shows and Fox themselves do not foresee any change for that format. They will continue to book out the Film as it is requested, and generate new prints as required. Both Fox and Singalonga Productions have confirmed that they do not wish to restrict the current participation of the Rocky Horror Fans and actively hope that props, costumes and talkback will continue in the time-honoured fashion.

TimeWarp is, as always, keen to work on behalf of the Fans and those trying to perpetuate Rocky Horror for future fandom. We all feel that this can be a fantastic opportunity for the Fans to welcome new friends into the fold, and to experience something slightly different themselves.

Please visit the Singalonga web site for more information on the singalonga shows.


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