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Page updated Sunday, February 12th, 2017
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To be released 2017.

BIG NEWS UPDATE: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.

KickStarterCheck out the project's Kickstarter page for some fantastic opportunities to be involved with the game right from the start.
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2017 see the release of a brand new Rocky Horror Show game.

Aptly titled Touch Me! the game is designed for mobile platforms, such as smart phones and tablets.

Stephanie and I have met the creators and even seen some of the initial artwork/renders for the game and it's looking great so far. The designers of the game have a genuine love of the show and are fans themselves, so we are really looking forward to seeing the game in all it's glory.

RocketLolly have also released a new press release with some concept artwork images of Riff Raff from the game.

I will be updating this page as more information is made available and hope this section will grow into a nice fan resource for the game.

For more information on the game you can check out their website at rockyhorrorgames.com or www.rocketlollygames.com

Press Release - March 7th, 2016

Independent game studio, Rocket Lolly Games LTD, today announced it is working with Leading Light Design to bring the Riff Raff to life in The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me game for tablet and mobile platforms.

Working with an iconic IP like the Rocky Horror Show is a phenomenal responsibility and, in order to make sure that they could do the characters justice, Rocket Lolly Games have been working with concept art and production design house Leading Light Design to create the concept art for the game.

“We wanted to create a look that was unique for the game, but which was instantly recognizable as being Rocky Horror,” said Oscar Clark, Rocket Lolly Games' co-founder. “This meant that we needed a team who understood the passion and cult identity of the characters as well as the practical implications for creating characters for our unique take on a rhythm action game. We found that with the team at Leading Light Design.”

Riff Raff Concenpt
Hunting Lodge Concept

Leading Light Design have established themselves as the benchmark for concept development in the UK working on incredible art-focused titles such as No Mans Sky, Until Dawn, Ryse – Son of Rome, Killzone 2 and The Room Two.

“The Rocky Horror Show has a distinctive look and feel which is familiar to millions of people, but bringing that into a game presents a unique challenge, said Christian Bravery, CEO of Leading Light Design. “Working with Oscar & Ella at Rocky Lolly was a pleasure and we are delighted with the distinctive yet familiar look we managed to achieve together.”

Nick Galaxy and Terry Whittingham from the Rocket Lolly team have taken those images and recreated them in 3D for the game. The rendered image gives a taste of what's to come:


The Rocket Lolly team have been absolutely delighted with the reactions from Rocky Fans:

“Stephanie and I have met the creators, and have even seen some of the initial artwork and renders for the game, and it's looking great so far. The designers of the game have a genuine love of the show and are fans themselves, so we are really looking forward to seeing the game in all its glory.” – David Freeman, Timewarp UK Rocky Horror Fan Club

“The designs look great and are very true to the spirit of the original stage show. I can't wait to see how it all progresses, and ultimately toucha-toucha-touch the finished game.” – Larry Viezel, Rocky Horror Historian and Home of Happiness Cast Director (USA)

Rocket Lolly Games will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 14-18, and will be showing invited guests an initial preview of the game. If you are interested in meeting the team, please contact us directly on info@RocketLolly.com.

If you'd like to keep up to date with what we are doing on the project, please visit http://www.rockyhorrorgames.com and http://www.rocketlollygames.com.

You can also follow the project on twitter via @rocky_touchme or via the hashtag #be_it.


Available also as a pdf download. and a page on their website.

Press Release - February 17th, 2016

Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show announced as a new game for 2017

Using the title of one of the show’s songs ‘Touch-A, Touch-A Touch Me’, the game will be released as a touch screen game that will launch on tablet and mobile platforms in 2017. The official game will use the experience of being a theatre member in the creation of the game and have consulted with theatre goers and gamers alike.

The Rocky Horror Show, which has been a global phenomenon since 1973, is embedded in popular culture with an incredibly passionate fan base. The show has been performed in theatres every year since it’s creation, has constant fan community activity across the world, and the brand is continually featured in TV shows, games, cameos and cultural references.

“Ella and I formed Rocket Lolly Games in order to bring this fantastic IP to market, which being fans ourselves we believe we can do with the care it deserves. Many great brands are cross-generational, but few capture the collective imagination like The Rocky Horror Show, which has managed to be gently outrageous since the 70’s; it is as relevant today as it was when it first launched,” said Oscar Clark, director and co-founder of Rocket Lolly Games. “Rocky is about the outsider to whom we all relate. It’s a story about coming of age and diversity; a welcoming and joyous experience which, as Rocky fans ourselves, it is an absolute pleasure to be entrusted. It’s our hope to show what a small studio can do to expand a brand such special as this into games.”

“I have worked with Richard O’Brien on The Rocky Horror Show since it all began. Rocky has been realized as a theatre show, a film and a game before. However, now is the perfect time for it to be reimagined in a way that could only exist on our phones and tablets,” said Andy Leighton, director of Druidcrest Ltd., and music publisher of The Rocky Horror Show. Ella and Oscar’s passion for this project makes them the perfect people to bring the experience to a new audience, as well as to those who already love the show!”

Rocket Lolly Games is focused on addressing the challenge of taking a brand forward in a way that is appropriate to the medium. The studio is therefore aiming to create the best possible tactile gameplay experience, and to find new ways to socially connect players to create shared moments by tapping into the quintessential aspect of The Rocky Horror show – what it is to be an audience member. Don’t Dream It… Be It.

For all information, please visit www.rockyhorrorgames.com and www.rocketlollygames.com.

You can also follow the project on twitter via @rocky_touchme or via the hashtag #be_it.

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