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Damn, I wish I'd set the recorder for that! Yep, we've said that in the TimeWarp household as we've noticed someone from Rocky appear on TV. Well now with the help of all our loyal site visitors and listings, you have a more chance of seeing when to record a show. Regional differences happen, but we'll try to put which region listings apply to if it's local only. We are not listing HD versions of movies and shows as well most Sky / Virgin channels also now offer HD versions as standard. If you spot something we've missed contact us with the details and we'll add it to the list.




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Thursday 20th June, 2019
Tim Curry Movie It23:00True Movies
Top Up
Friday 21st June, 2019
Tim Curry Movie It23:20True Movies
Top Up
Sunday 23rd June, 2019
Susan Sarandon Movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps08:30Sky Cinema Drama
Top Up
Wednesday 3rd July, 2019
Susan Sarandon Movie The Banger Sisters07:00Sky Cinema Comedy
Top Up
Tuesday 16th July, 2019
Susan Sarandon Movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps12:05Sky Cinema Drama
Top Up

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