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Page updated Thursday, September 4th, 2014
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A Tribute to the Ultimate Cult Classic Musical

Sal Piro and Larry Viezel - Foreword by Richard O'Brien
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One of the first of the items that will be released as the movie celebrates it's 40th anniversary in 2015, The Rocky Horror Treasury Book - A Tribute to the Ultimate Cult Classic Musical. Written by RHPS fan club president Sal Piro and long time Rocky Horror fan Larry Viezel.

The Rocky Horror TreasuryPackshot - image by TimeWarp 2014

The first thing you notice about the book is the pages are smaller than the rear hardback cover. This is to allow a row of button along the right side that play various samples of the songs from the movie. Also included in the book is a slip cover page at the back which contains a few bonus items.

Here is the front hardback cover of the book. You can see the push buttons for samples of the movie soundtrack songs running along the right hand side of the inner rear cover. You get:

Front cover with buttons12 seconds of
Science Fiction Double Feature

20 seconds of
Dammit Janet

20 seconds of
There's a Light - Over at the Frankenstein Place

23 seconds of
Time Warp

13 seconds of
Sweet Transvestite

5 seconds of
Hot Patootie

11 seconds of

25 seconds of
I'm Going Home
Pressing a second button while a sample is playing jumps straight into the next sample. Pressing the same button whilst a song is playing stops the sound instantly.

Sample pages
A sample of pages from the book

The book starts with a nice introduction from Richard O'Brien and then recounts. albeit briefly, a history of the show and movie, through the video and blu-ray releases and the big USA conventions. There are many "Did you Know" sections with little bits of trivia from the years of Rocky Horror (TimeWarp's Picnic's at Oakley Court even get a mention). The book is packed with images from The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as quite a few images from the UK stage tours of The Rocky Horror Show.

Interestingly copyright for the book is credited to Rocky Horror Company, although there is of course a credit to Twentieth Century Fox for the Picture Show.

This is a fun book, it reminded me of when I first fell in love with the whole Rocky Horror experience back in the 80's. I would loved to have had something like this back then as it is a great introduction to the world of Rocky. Very reasonably priced as well considering what you get for your money. This would make a great gift for those discovering Rocky for the first time, or for those that have loved it for years.

Congratulations to Sal and Larry for this great book.

Bonus items included in the book are as follows (please note images are not to scale).

First off, there is an invite from Frank for his Annual Transylvanian Convention. For this image I have unfolded the 126mm x 178mm (5" x 7") invite so you can see both the outside and inside pages.

Next we have a set of temporary tattoos - image on right is flipped so you can see how they would look on your skin. There are instructions to use on the reverse of the set of tattoos and the whole square measures 152mm x 15mm (6" x 6").

Also included is a small 336mm x 229mm (9" x 13") poster (folded in half in the book) and a small card instructions to do the Time Warp - 100mm x 126mm (4" x 5").

  • Hardcover: 50 pages - each page is 262mm x 230mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 274mm x 270mm x 18mm
  • Publisher: Running Press (9 Sep 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0762455195
  • ISBN-13: 978-0762455195
  • Price 27 USD - 30 CAN D - £15 UK

Please do not reproduce any of the images on this page as all images are used for purposes of this review only.

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