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UKTimeWarp is the only Official Rocky Horror Fan Club for the United Kingdom, (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland). We encompass both The Rocky Horror Show (Stage) & The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Movie).
Membership is not in anyway limited to UK residents, anyone is welcome to join the Fan Club and we've always had many members from USA, Japan, Europe and all around the world.
Founded way back in the last century (1988 to be exact) with the permission of Richard O'Brien, TimeWarp are recognised as the one and only official UK Rocky Horror fan club by:


20th Century Fox

Sal Piro & The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club

Rocky Horror Company
and of course Richard O'Brien himself.

TimeWarp organised the world famous Transylvania '92, '94, and '99 UK Rocky Horror Conventions. The 1992 and 1994 Conventions were each attended by over six hundred fans from around the world. 1999 was strictly limited to 500 fans and sold out well before the event itself. We also managed to get new prints of RHPS made by Fox to be projected at each event, which later went into general circulation, boosting Rocky in the UK. For the 1992 prints Fox even asked us what we would like and we requested the content to include the full "Superheroes" song, the way all the RHPS prints are now shown. The TimeWarp newsletters have been running since 1988 making them the longest continuous running Rocky fanzines in the world. For more information of what we did to celebrate our eighteenth year in 2006 click here. You can also get details about our annual Rocky Horror Picnic Show at Oakley Court, the original filming location for the movie. We held the first picnic in 2006 and have run one every year since. TimeWarp has, and always will be, run for the fans, by the fans.

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Press Information / Contact Us

Well most of the information you need will be on this page, however if you would like to contact us at the fan club the easiest way is via our feedback form

Fans from the club have appeared on TV & Radio shows including:

star What's Cooking? [Channel 4]
      Click here for some images

star Collectors Lot [Channel 4] star Treasures [Channel 4]
star SMTV [LWT]
Click here for a Photo!
star Hype [BBC CHOICE]
star The Generation Game [BBC] star The Big Breakfast [CH4]
star Paramount City [Sky TV] star This Morning [Granada]
star This Way Out [TVS] star 20 Jahre Rocky Horror [Austrian TV]
star BBC World Service [Radio] star Radio Five Live
star LBC Edwina Curry Show [Radio]star Night Fever [CH5] (3 times)
Click here for some photos!
star The Weakest Link Collectors Special 2002 (Stephanie came fourth!)star Rocky Horror Show Press day Birmingham April 2006
star Talkback TV - Lenny Henry Showstar Royal Court 50th Tribute Show May 2006
star Radio 5 Live April 2006star Radio Wales April 2006

TimeWarp has been involved in the last three re-releases of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Video, as well as the region two DVD and UK Laserdisc. Our address appears on the UK DVD as well as Stage Show brochures and the New Rocky Horror Show CD album and we are constantly involved with both Movie and Stage Show publicity events. TimeWarp was also involved in the launch of the Rocky Horror Amusement machine at the industry trade show as well as many other events.

Members from TimeWarp were asked to appear in Richard O'Brien's promotional video for the Mephistopheles Smith song 'Angel In Me', look carefully and you might even spot Stephanie handing the Angel some flowers.

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Membership of TimeWarp gives you....

star The chance to be a part of the one and only OFFICIAL UK Rocky Horror Fan Club. TimeWarp has been supporting Rocky Horror in the UK since 1988.

star The TimeWarp Newsletter with as much news, views, puzzles, articles, pictures, etc. that we can cram in - members are also encouraged to contribute to the newsletters themselves. The longest running Rocky publication in the world, since 1988! Our printed newsletter has now ceased production however, the newsletter continues in it's new guise of a pdf download in the Members Area. Current web members can Log In here.

star Advance Dates and Venues for Film showings and any current Stage Show tours on the circuit - all of which are verified by OFFICIAL sources before going to print.

star An official TimeWarp Membership Card.

star The chance to enter exclusive TimeWarp Competitions, over the years we've given away hundreds of Rocky related prizes you just can't buy!

star We continue to try and involve as many of our members as possible with any Television and Radio shows we are asked to participate in as well as magazine and newspaper articles. As the official UK Rocky Horror Fan Club, TimeWarp is frequently the first point of contact for the media.

star Password access to Member's Only Area of this Site. This also gives you access to the download section for our famous Newsletters and Exclusive TimeWarp Merchandise and special membership offers.

star The chance to meet and exchange info with other fans in your own area, and the opportunity to get 'hard to obtain' memorabilia, penpals, swaps... the possibilities are endless.

star Advance registration to TimeWarp organised 'Transylvania' conventions and other fan club organised events such as the annual Rocky Horror Picnic Show at Oakley Court

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Current Membership Charges

TimeWarp is a self-supporting, non-profit making organisation. We have to charge a small amount to our members to pay for the production of membership cards, stationary, etc. We do not take any payment ourselves, all work is done in our spare(!) time because we love Rocky!

TimeWarp has changed! We have now printed and sent out the last of the paper newsletters. The newsletters are now available in the membership area of the site as pdf files. The costs of producing and more importantly posting out paper newsletters has made the process more and more expensive, not to mention the postal strikes! We did not want to increase costs to our members so we made the change. Offering the newsletter as a pdf download means you can read it online, or print out your own copies. It will also allow us to use colour. It also means we can charge a much lower one-off lifetime membership fee (mainly to cover the costs of producing membership cards, etc.).

New LIFETIME membership of TimeWarp, including all the web newsletters.

UK Residents £5
A one off payment of Five Pounds Sterling includes postage costs for your membership card.
 Rest of the World £6
A one off payment of Six Pounds Sterling (International Money Order or Sterling Travellers Cheque), the extra pound covers international post for membership card)

Please note, if you previously subscribed on a yearly basis to the fan club newsletters you will need to make the single one-off payment as all original subscriptions ran out over a year ago.

star star Click here for an Application form to fill in and post star star

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TimeWarp Representatives

TimeWarp has four current reps around the UK as well as Stephanie and David Freeman. These are fans that have been with the club for many, many years and people we know and trust to represent the club and the interests of the Rocky community and fans. To become a rep for TimeWarp you need to have a proven track record and dedication to Rocky Horror. Here are the names of our official reps, anyone else claiming to represent the fan club not listed here is "being economic with the truth" and/or "lying through their teeth".

Rob Bagnall
Davy Orr
That's makeup by the way!
Saffron Shearer
Kev McEwen

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