Well Hello there!

Greetings my fellow fans.
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Well Hello there!

Post by TWW »

As you can see we have some nice new forums (August 2019).

This is the area of the site to say hello and tell us a little about yourselves. To break the ice, here is a little about me.....

So, you can call me Dave, David, The Guy in the Green Jacket, I don't mind.

The Green Jacket comes from the sequin costume I tend to wear at the stage shows Image as you can see in this photo.

I'm the one that writes the timewarp.org.uk website and I've been a fan of the show since the mid 1980's. I met and married Stephanie, who is the president of TimeWarp - the Official UK Rocky Horror fan club - since 1988, nearly thirty years ago. That's Steph next to me in the photo. Awww.

I'm a photographer and as such you might even see my name in very small print at the very back of your Rocky Horror show brochures.

If you see me at at show, do come over and say hello. I'm quite friendly even when I am carrying an inflatable Dave Minion (it's a joke with Rocky saying "I'm trying to hide from my creator and his Minion").
Love from the UK
TimeWarp - The Official UK Rocky Horror fan club - since 1988
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Re: Well Hello there!

Post by John smith »

Hi Dave,
I'm one of your newest members and just wanted to say a big thank you for letting me join your time warp family. I always turn to your site if I'm looking for the latest tour dates for the stage show. I love the RHPS film and love the stage show even more. I live in the Dagenham area of Essex and wondering if there's any other fan in or near my area. Again amazing website full of great information.

A huge hi from John
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