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Page updated Friday, April 1st, 2022
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Remember The Rocky Horror Interactive Show Game, released in March/April 1999?

Well now there is a new game released that uses the same game play, but this time written for the latest PlayStation 5 console.

The game updates the original gameplay concept that was written before the 1999 game and merges that with state of the art 4k graphics and sound as well as using the new Sony controller haptic feedback feature to enhance game play.

We've recently been to visit the game developers and they allowed us a quick go on a Beta copy of the new game. Apart from the stunning graphics on the PS5, the main difference is the amazing feedback you feel as you use the controller to move either Janet or Brad around the realistic looking rooms in your quest to survive the night at the castle. You can almost feel the other characters as they brush against you in the game, it's a really weird feeling and takes a little getting used to, but at the same time makes the game stand out from anything else we have played. You can feel the zippers as you undo them as well as hear it through the inbuilt controller speaker, very strange but quite amazing.

Stephanie and I only got to do a fleeting visit for an hour or so as they had a zoom meeting planned with their shareholders, but from what we have seen this is going to be something special.

We are due to go back with our spacesuit costumes early next month, watch out for a little cameo from us at the end of the game if that actually happens (too many times before we have planned to do something only for it to not pan out, so we're always cautious until it's real). You might also spot the fan club reps if we can arrange it and we are hoping to run a competition with the developers for a chance to win your face on one of the Transylvanians!

Although still in development, the software studio Lair Of LopTM are looking at a Halloween release of the game as it falls on a Monday this year, the usual day for game releases.

We did ask if there would be other versions, for the previous PS4 and for PC/XBox consoles or even the Nintendo consoles, but they have decided that this will be an exclusive PS5 release. We're just hoping that there will be a lot more consoles available by the end of October.

They are still working on the release, so this is an exclusive sneak peak just for the fan club.

The game should retail for a very reasonable 69.99 and will be on pre-sale in a few months. As soon as we can get a preview copy we will of course update this page with more details.

We do have some preview images from the game in an interactive viewer below, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to look around the room and use the 'N' and 'P' keys for the next and previous images.

Interactive 3D Screenshot Gallery - 23 preview images in all.


Scroll for more..............

There's also a bonus game where you can rearrange the letters from the name of the developers to make a well known phrase.

Lair Of Lop =

April Fool

All information and samples on this page are reproduced with the kind permission of Lair Of LopTM, copyright restrictions apply.

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