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Page updated Thursday, May 4th, 2023
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2021 - 2024 UK tour
Merchandise - 50th Anniversary Brochure
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BrochureRocky Horror Company updated the tour brochure for the 50th anniversary of the show in 2023. The brochures went on sale from the Blackpool venue in February 2023. Featuring the new 50th Logo.

Again it's a lovely 36 page 325mm x 235mm sized glossy brochure, with the same quality as the previous brochures for this tour.

The brochure starts with an inside cover page of some images from the original production of the show in 1973 and there are single page interviews with both Richard O'Brien and Christopher Luscombe after the main credits page.

The "I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey..." map pages are updated as "Making History" with updated details on the show's performances around the world.

There is a new page with an nice interview with Kristian Lavercombe and TimeWarp gets a page as well as we are celebrating not only 50 years of the show in 2023, but also 35+ years of the fan club. We've been chatting to RHCo about the brochure for a while and had sent them images of several fans from when they first started seeing the show and how they look now and there are nine sets of those included on the page.

There are seventeen pages of current show images, including a few not seen before followed by five pages of cast and crew biographies and details.

Updated Thursday, May 4th, 2023 The images from the show have been updated with shots of Ore as Brad for the Peacock Theatre (London) 2023 shows.

50th Anniversary Brochure Composite image Lovely to see they have kept Philip Franks' amazing drawings "Our Story" spread over two pages of the brochure.

The last two pages list "The Team", the Cast, Crew and Creatives for this production of the show.

The rear cover remains as Philip Franks' wonderful drawing of some of the fans of the show.

Krisitan Lavercombe interview and TimeWarp fan club page
Krisitan Lavercombe interview and TimeWarp fan club pages

Richard O'Brien and Christopher Luscombe pages
Richard O'Brien and Christopher Luscombe interview pages

Available at the show. Prices start at £8.00 but we have noticed it on sale for more at some venues. Make sure you get a copy with the 50th Logo on as there are still some of the older brochures on sale at time of writing this (February 2023).

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