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The Big Brother/Rocky Horror Story by Lukem
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1.. Eddie - 2.. Riff Raff - 3.. Columbia - 4.. Magenta - 5.. Rocky
6.. Frank 'N' Furter - 7.. Brad - 8.. Janet - 9.. Dr. Scott - 10.. Lukem

Day 1: The contestants entrance
It had only just started and Riff Raff is chasing Rocky. Frank is getting really annoyed with Lukem chatting up Columbia an is thinking of starting a new floor show with Lukem as the star.

Day 2: The first vote
or a laugh they've decided to let everyone vote for someone to leave, they all vote for Eddie as he seems to not be moving from when the undertajer was bringing him in. The bb experts vote for Frank as his anger is getting on everyones nerves. Janet is the only one without votes.

Day 3: The first task
The first task is to do the timewarp. Only Janet, Brad, Dr. Scott, Rocky and Eddie can't do it. Although Frank doesn't join in caus he wants to be a sweet transvestite. He loses and is up for eviction.

Day 4: The second vote
Frank is up for eviction so only one can be picked they put Eddie up again but he doesn't say anything he smells a bit now

Day 5: Eviction
The public vote Eddie as they want to see the floor show and Eddie is taken by a mysterious Vicar. After this the task rehearsals begin and Franks arm is pulled and they all learn it well

Day 6: Day of Rest
The second bb week started and Frank Brad Janet Columbia and Rocky are planning a floor show Lukem is hiding as the others find him. The others carry on rehearsing.

Day 7: Vote
The guys vote for Dr. Scott as he doesn't seem to do anything after Eddies departure. The bb experts say that Lukem should go as he keeps hiding.

Day 8: Task
The guys do well and pass giving them enough money to buy ten packs of condoms and a lot of dress wear

Day 9: New task
The challenge is for them to do a FLOOR SHOW but this is cancelled and one guy has to go as a floor show was secretly being done by none other than Frank. The public has to decide who goes

Day 10: Eviction
Lukem goes and Frank is immediately goes up for next eviction cause the public just likes him and bb thinks that's not fair RUBBISH

Day 11: Day of Rest
Third week and the floor show task is reproduced and the five characters chosen are Frank, Janet, Brad, Columbia and Rocky. (How original) and the task is well underway. Frank is the star and Dr. Scott is now helping out?

Day 12: Vote
It's Magenta as she is dreaming but the bb think Riff HOW DARE THEY

Day 13: Task
The floor show is brilliant and they win again they buy some lasers and a bit of eddie from the oakly food service.

Day 14: New Task
This is the best dress wear and the prize is money for the winner only three can enter so the best three from the floor show do bb picks Columbia, Frank and Rocky

Day 15: Eviction
They pick Magenta as they like Frank what a shock

Day 16: Party
The guys dress up and the actual task was based on the party but riff gets carried away and shoots Frank in his arm (Right on the tatoo) He is about to get disqualified so he holds them all hostage with a laser he says " We run this on normally ok" luckily they do but secretly riff is up for eviction.

Day 17: Vote
Everyone thinks Rocky as he is hitting everyone with his muscles the bb people agree

Day 18: Task
The guys redo the task and Frank has the best ware and wins enough to buy that thong he wanted

Day 19: New Task
They have to sing in sweet transvestite and Frank can't do it. The contestants are Riff, Dr. Scott and Brad

Day 20: Eviction
Frank sobbs as Rocky leaves and says i'll leave the comp if you don't let me do the task they let him as a fourth entry and also let Janet go in.

Day 21: Day of Rest
Riff has no one to chase or love so he commits his life to serving frank the others practise

Day 22: The Vote
Everyone votes Frank and Riff and it's hard as they're both in the task bb thinks it's ok

Day 23: The Task
Riff goes guitar and does best performance the worst is Dr. Scott putting him up for eviction Riff gets a new laser 4711

Day 24: New Task
The task is to redo Shock Treatment but Riff hates it he doesn't but everyone else does

Day 25: Eviction
Everyone gets fed up and votes of Frank meaning only 4 people for the task.

Day 26: Rest
Columbia has been seen escaping to a grave yard and has been put up for eviction. Riff keeps trying to laser her and he also is put up no one can vote now

Day 27: Rest2
Riff raff needs to stay and enters the task he is acting well as well as brad janet and columbia only dr. scott is bad

Day 28: The task
Riff Raff is best and Dr. Scott is worse so they swap. Riff gets a visit from Magneta (NICE)

Day 29: New Task
They have to make a show called bb/rh cross over and rehersals go bad

Day 30: Eviction
Everyone wants to see dead Eddie so Dr. Scott goes and rehersals seem to be better

Day 31: Rest
Janet and Brad do dammit Janet and Riff and Columbia see Eddie which boosts ratings

Day 32: Vote
Columbia is up and Raff caus of seeing Ediie again

Day 33: Task
No one can do it so everyone is up for eviction the prize is watching eddies death which goes down well with Columbia

Day 34: New Task
This is to do a love scene Brad and Janet want to do one called once in a while and raff and columbia wanna do supeheroes

Day 35: Eviction
Columbia goes after ruining the eddie veiwings and riff join the others for the final scene

Day 36: Party
Janet performs toucha toucha toucha touch me and brad hits her she gets a laser and kills him. She is disqualified but uses riffs technique and put everyone in hostage.Ditto

Day 37: Vote
They all vote for Janet as Brad was brought to life by Dr. Scott putting him back in the comp

Day 38: Task
Janet and Brad win and get wed finally but riff and dr. scott are up for eviction

Day 39: New Task
Sing rocky horror album

Day 40: Eviction
Dr.Scott leaves

Day 41: Party
The task is done tonight instead and only riff can do it janet and brad are put up for eviction

Day 42: Eviction
They liked Janets touch me song so Brad goes

Day 43: WHAT
Janet is pregnant with Riffs baby

Day 44: Vote
The baby is born quick (Superhero time) and grows (ditto) so a new vote happens and baby raff and riff want janet out so she is kicked off

Day 45: Final
Raff is not allowed to win so Janet is brought back she cheats and shows her boobs so dr. Scott is brought back it's obvious who wins so Riff gets 70,000 in cash Frank N Dollers and leaves with Magenta and Raff to start timewarping


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