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It's a hard life by MusicMaker
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Riff-Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Frank'N'Furter, Dr.Scott, Rocky, Eddie, Brad, Janet, Usherette, Phantoms, Transilvanians, MusicMaker

A mad Rocky Horror Fan has made a time machine and brought back a rocky horror cast aswell as a person at the wedding. The cast are now living in the 21st century and have to get along with each other what will happen?


It was dark and the nightlife of the clubs of London was booming. Sirens were shouting out loud and many people were coming out of clubs drunk as usual.

Although a certain theatre was opening to show a midnight movie (none other than) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In the projection room, a man was holding a key and was dressed in fish net tights and a lace vest.

He walked over to a huge cupboard and then opened it. Inside was a weird looking futuristic object with a 4 digit number on it. I read 1973, the man was about to press a black leather button when... the projector produced smoke. The smoke filled the room and an orange ray lit up the theatre. A large noise blasted it's way through the room as the projector blew up causing a shockwave to shatter anything in it's path.

The scream of people coming out of the theatre was the only thing that mad the nightlife booming. As the smoke drew away a group of 13 people stood before the man, all in rocky themed clothes." Yes, Yes it worked it all worked!" the man cheered.

A man with a laser beam stood infront "You ruined my plan to return to Transilvania you will say goodbye to all of this and hello to oblivion," the being told.

A red light blocked the smoke and lit up the whole theatre as the man fell to his death after witnessing a lifetime achievment.

Chapter 2

It was next morning and the smell of smoke and rotten food woke everyone up. "What the were are we dammit!" Brad stormed. The others slowly got up and then saw the sight of some fireman picking them up and taking them away.

"Get off me you dirty man... well," Frank ordered the fireman. The fireman let him go and he slowly walked off, with riff raff, magenta and dr. scott following him. Brad, Janet, Columbia, Eddie, Rocky, The transilvanians and everyone else were taken away to hospital. The phantoms, transilvanians and the wedding guest seemed to evaporate into thin air. In the hospital Janet was daydreaming remembering her time with Rocky. "Oh touch me!" she thought to herself. Rocky was looking at her with a gleaming smile.

Brad saw them then stormed off and left also seeming to disappear. Janet and Rocky wanted to know what was going on. Something was happening to the transilvanians. Why was Frank running away and why was she and Rocky the only ones left.......

Chapter 3

Janet slowly walked over to Rocky, her lips slowly being licked by her vicious tongue. Rocky then opened the covers as Janet then went with him and then they slept waiting for the forbidden fruit to kick in.

In the city the others were all going around seeming to be cheered at by some fans of rocky horror "You really look like Frank!" One said. "Riff-Raff!" Frank called. Riff Raff then slowly got out his laser and beamed the fan slowly taking out the anti-matter. They seemed to go near many shops taking clothes away but the shops saying they wore really good clothes let them off.

By night the cast were all going near a theatre when Frank shouted "Floor Show!" but where was Janet and Rocky. They were in the hospital enjoying their forbidden fruit as the Toucha Toucha-me reprise was coming of air. The whole city could hear her screams and all rushed into the hospital. When they saw them completely naked, Brad went up to her and said "Dammit Janet" He then walked out and seemed to yet again disappear. The others just stared at her and looked. Rocky started growling and some backed away. Riff and Magenta laughed and started doing the timewarp whilst Frank really grew with envy. You beast of my creation!" he shouted before taking Rocky by the hand and taking him away. The others all headed off for a VIP hotel where they would spend the night.

On a night out. It was a night out they were going, to REMEMBER

to be continued.........

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