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Not a definitive guide, just the ones we especially like!
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Rocky Horror Show Logo
Official Web Site of the Rocky Horror (stage) Show
Rocky Horror Picture
Show Fan Club

The Official RHPS
(film) pages
Australian Tour 40th anniversary
Australian 2013 Tour official web site
Lip Service
Lip Service-Belfast

Cast archive by Davy Orr (N.I. TimeWarp rep)


Australian fan site
Euro Tour 2008
European Tour 2008 site

Rayner Bourton's
Official Web Site raynerbourton.com
(Original Rocky)
Patricia Quinn's
Official Web Site patriciaquinn.co.uk
(Original Magenta)
Anthony Head's
Official Web Site anthonyhead.org
(Frank N Furter UK tour & West End)
Ross O'Hennessy's
Official Web Site rossohennessy.com
(played Rocky in UK tour)
Suzanne Shaw's
Official Web Site suzanneshawofficial.com
(Janet 2006 tour)

The Meat Loaf UK Fan Club
Angry Alien

Rocky Horror
in 30 seconds
re-inacted by

Cosmos Factory
Still the net's largest Rocky Horror site. Tons of info on the Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.
F.A.Q. - RHPS Frequently Asked Questions
list from Jason Pfaff
Japanese FlagLips Japanese Site

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The Missing Links
Sites we loved that are no longer updating or have lost their ownership.

Dr.Scotts Extra Forks

Scotland's Performing Cast
Archive only Updated Feb 2004
Rocky Horror Australia site

Official 2008 RHS Australia site

Lost domain
Casts of the Past
Cast of the past

Lee Grant's ongoing project to list previous Rocky Horror Show Cast members
Currently off line
Less Vulnerable
Less Vulnerable

London/UK Performing Cast

Weird with car insurance on!

Scottish specific site

Last updated 2007
Spanish Fan Club
The Official
Spanish Fan Club

Lost domain
Franks Pants
Franks Pants
, Edinburgh

No longer updated
Lips Inc
Lips Inc

Belfast Performing Cast

Currently out of use
The Official Shock Treatment Fan Club pages
Domain lost
Tim Curry Web PagesThe Tim Curry Pages Lots of wonderful information about the great Mr Curry
Domain lost
The Rocky Horror Newsgroup News, Views, Wind-ups & Gossip from (mostly USA) Rocky Horror Fans. Just don't believe all you read!
Full of Spam
Fishnets and Garters Rocky Horror Experience from Karl Farr
Last updated 2005

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