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Page updated Saturday, August 30th, 2008
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SPit LiKE THiS - Sweet Transvestite Cover Version
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Lord Zion sends us this information about a new release.

You may remember, a couple of years ago we got in touch with you to send Richard a demo of our cover of "Sweet Transvestite". What you may or may not know is that he kindly replied saying "fab spin on an old favourite" :)

Fast forward to present day and my band, SPiT LiKE THiS, recently recorded a non-demo version of "Sweet Transvestite" - this is being released on October 20th as a double-A side with one of our own compositions, "Trick Or Mistreat" on the Transcend label via Cargo.

Our version of ST is a faithful tribute to the original - we spent a lot of time, money and love on it and we hope that fans of the original will be open to our interpretation.

SPiT LiKE THiS cdEven the cover of the single (to be released as a CD single plus a limited edition 7" red vinyl!) is a tribute to the RHPS - albeit featuring the luscious 4 lips of us 4 band members!

It is our hope and ambition to break into the Top 40 with this double A side!

You can hear a short clip of it on http://indiestore.7digital.com/transcendrecords

spitlikethis.com OFFiCiAL WEBSiTE
myspace.com/spitlikethisuniverse ADD US NOW!

We've had a listen and it's sounding good! I've also had a look around their website, nice images of the band.

Use the widget to the left to have a listen yourself, or to buy a copy of the track on download.

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