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Page updated Friday, March 22nd, 2013
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Richard O'Brien interview in GT - March 2013
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Here is an extract from the latest (March 2013) issue of GT (Gay Times) kindly sent to us to use on the site..........

GT published March 2013Rocky Horror - Richard O'Brien more than happy to talk all things Transylvanian 40 years on

It's been 40 years since The Rocky Horror Show first took a jump to the left, a step to the right, onto the stage and into the hearts of musical fans worldwide. GT meets writer, creator and original Riff Raff, Richard O'Brien for a large glass of red! It's one of his last UK press interviews before he relocates to live in New Zealand.

Is there anything left to say about the stage phenomenon?

"I think we've covered all the bases really. Work of juvenilia.Rites of passage.It's interesting, the weird thing for me, because it really is a work of juvenilia, there's no doubt about that, however it seems to keep getting better somehow or other. This is a multimedia artform because the audience have become part of the experience. That's quite wonderful."

Why didn't a direct sequel ever reach the screens? A first draft was met with almost universal approval but director Jim Sharman wanted to do something different.

"I think we should have said okay, you do your movie and we'll develop this. I think we should have stayed with that, personally. I'm not really bitter or resentful, truthfully, it's not my nature, but you get a bit pissed off, that's all. It's just the way it is. Writers never get the deal that they should do."

Read the full interview in this month's Gay Times magazine OUT NOW in all major highstreet newsagents and ready to download here


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