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Updated: Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Click for more informationRocky Horror Picnic Show 2022
There are just two weeks to go to the 2022 Picnic.

We are however really sad to say that 2022 will be the last picnic for the foreseeable future.

We had hoped and planned to continue to run the event every year, but the price from 2021 (held from 2020 prices as there was no picnic in 2020 due to covid) went up from 270 a room for two people including breakfast to 365 plus 12.50 each for breakfast for the 2022 event. Many fans were already struggling to pay that.

When we were given prices for 2023 we were quoted a non-negotiable rate of 665 per room plus breakfast. We do not want our event to become something that only the really well off fans can afford. The original point of the picnic was that we could stay at Oakley Court, get to wear our Rocky costumes and have a picnic at a cheaper price than normal room rates. We love being at Oakley Court, but we cannot expect fans to pay more than double the cost of two years ago.

picnicThe 2021 Rocky Horror Picnic Show has a review and there are 599 images online.See the 2021 Picnic page for more details.

Click for more informationRHPS Screenings
RHPS Original movie
As always, thanks to our super-screening-spotter Ali and everyone else that is sending them in. If you've spotted a screening we've missed please use the Feedback Form to send them in. Check out our Stage Show/Movie Screenings page for more information.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Show 2021-23 UK Tour
NEW DATES! Nottingham for August 2023 goes on sale thie Wednesday (16th) at 10am. Our link on the listings gives you a discount off tickets (excluding Friday and Saturday late shows).

We now have the Front Row Access Code for Edinburgh 2023.

We also have cast details for Rome, welcome back an old friend! We also now have cast details from October 2022.

The show is currently taking a break and then heading off to Tel Aviv.

Fans at the ShowWe'd love to see some of your images from Northampton, Glasgow, Stoke and any other venue for our Fans at the Show page. See the show page for details of how to send images.

CLICK HERE for loads more details of the tour and booking dates/links.

Click for more informationAugust Competition
Our competition for August continues.

Click here to enter the competition and see who won last month's competition.

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