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Updated: Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Click for more informationRocky Horror Picnic Show 2017 sells out!
The twelth Picnic at the original filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oakley Court Hotel has now sold out!
136 people are now confirmed and the hotel is full. You can still ask to go onto a waiting list in case anyone cancels.

The eleventh Picnic was great fun with over 80 other fans joining us for a chilled out day at the original filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oakley Court Hotel.
Check out the 2016 picnic page where you will find a review and images from the day from myself and other picnickers.

Click for more informationNews from Richard O'Brien
Richard has sent us some information about the 2017 'My Birthday For Starship' Campaign. To help celebrate Starship's 25th anniversary (and Richard's 75th birthday) there is a year of fundraising planned. Read the Press Release on our Notice Board page for how to get involved.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Show Euro Tour 2017/18 News
We've had the official word from Rocky Horror Company for the first of the the 2017/2018 Euro Tour dates.

As always we will not publish details until they are confirmed/contracts are signed.

Check out our new Dedicated Section for the Euro Tour here.

Click for more informationNew Rocky Horror Show Game
Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show Touch Me
There will be a new touch screen game released in 2017 - Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show Touch Me. We are really looking forward to seeing the game in action.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Show UK 2015-16 Tour Archive
A huge thank you to all the cast, crew and everyone else that made the 2015/16 production such a fantastic tour.
Fans at the Show We still want you to send in your photos of yourself and/or your friends in costume at the shows on this tour. We will put them up on the site for prosperity and you can join the thousands of people already featured here on TimeWarp.org.uk. See the tour page for details on how to send us your images. 2,700+ images online from this tour, but please do keep sending them in. We have another 74 queued to go on later this week.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Tattoos
Inspired by a chat on facebook, we have added a section to the timewarp.org.uk site, Rocky Horror Tattoos. We'd love you to send in your photographs of your Rocky Horror related tattoos for the archive.

Richard O'Brien doesn't have facebook or twitter accounts! There are fakes impersonating him on social media and he wants you to know it's not him!    Pass it on.

Click for more informationOne from the Vaults:
The Stripper - Original Cast LP

The Stripper
We like to add a collectors item or two to the Cellar every now and then for your viewing pleasure.The latest addtion is the original 1982 cast recording of The Stripper on vinyl LP. Have a look at our page and happy hunting for your own copy.

Click for more informationRHPS Shadow cast screening
Shadow cast and original RHPS
Now that's more like it. An original screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with full shadowcast by Denton Deviants and friends. 22nd February at 7.00pm. See the UK Tour Dates/Screenings page for more information.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Valentines
Save yourself! The Rocky Horror Valentines are back.
Click here to see if there is one waiting for you this year. You have been warned.

Click for more informationFebruary Competition
Our February competition continues. Enter for your chance to win the coveted TimeWarp Website Winners badge. Winners from last month are also now online.

Click for more informationTwo more RHPS screenings
Original RHPS
They're like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once. Two more original screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show added to the UK Tour Dates/Screenings page.
Saturday 11th March, 2017 at 7.30pm at the Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, Louth, Lincolnshire there will be a screening and on Saturday 27th May, 2017 at 10.00pm at the Hollingbury Park Golf Course, Brighton there is an OPEN AIR SCREENING!

Click for more informationMembers Newsletter #93 Dec 2016
The latest newsletter for members is now online. click here for details. If you are not already a member, visit the page to find out how to join the UK's Official Rocky Horror fan club.

Click for more informationNew Oakley Court Hotel book
Oakley Court Hotel book
From author Jake H. Roche comes this new book, The Oakley Court Windsor - The story of Windsor's most iconic hotel. We have a full review on the site now, plus a link for you to buy the special extended version of this amazing new book direct. Click here for the review and link..

Click for more informationPoll
The January to March poll continues, plus results from the last poll are also now online for you to view. These are just for fun so cast a vote that actually doesn't change the world this time around.

Love from the UKDave(TimeWarpWebmaster)


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