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Updated: Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Click for more informationShock Treatment Blu-ray release Review and Images.
Blu-rayShock Treatment
has now been released.
Two limited edition versions are available, a Cosmo and a Nation version (different cover art).

I've now updated our own dedicated page for the Shock Treatment blu-ray with some of my own images and a review. Click here for more.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Picnic Show 2018 is now SOLD OUT
OK, so we thought the 2018 event would sell out, after the 2017 one did so with eight months to go, however we we not expecting it to happen in four days!

Oakley Court now have 148 people booked for our 2018 event. This is the limit on how many we are able to have at the event. The hotel have started a standby/cancellation list as most years we get a few people that can no longer make the day due to circumstances beyond their control. You can contact Oakley Court to join the wait list if you wish. See the 2018 picnic page for details.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Picnic Show 2017 review and images
Well that was indeed great, great fun once more. So nice to see so many fans old and new at the twelfth picnic. I have a full write up online now as well as over 500 images from the day. Do please send in your own photos/reviews/comments for us to add to the 2017 picnic page.

Click for more informationNews from Richard O'Brien
Richard has sent us information about the 'My Birthday For Starship' Campaign. To help celebrate Starship's 25th anniversary (and Richard's 75th birthday) there is a year of fundraising planned. See the Notice Board page for how to get involved.

Click for more informationMembers Newsletter #94 March 2017
The latest newsletter for members is now online click here for details. If you are not already a member, visit the page to find out how to join the UK's Official Rocky Horror fan club.

The next Newsletter will be available in the next few weeks.

Click for more informationRocky Horror LARP
There will be a Live Action Role-Playing Game based around The Rocky Horror Show next February in a castle in Poland. We are still not quite sure about this, but have started a page which has their latest Press Release now available.

Click for more informationSeptember Competition
Our competition for September continues. This month we have a signed copy of the Oakley Court Hotel Book (extended version) for each of our two winners, so get sending those entries.

Click for more informationUK RHPS 2017 screenings
There will be a screening at Barras Art & Design Centre, Glasgow on Tuesday 31st October, 2017.

In Birmingham there will be a screening at Birmingham New Alexandra Theatre on 20th October, 2017.

There will be a screening at Signal Cinema, Barrow (The Drawing Room venue) on Thursday 26th October, 2017. Tickets are just £2.50 each!
Thanks to Ali for sending the information in once more.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Show Euro Tour 2017/18 News
Check out our Dedicated Section for the Euro Tour here. Updated with CAST NEWS today.

Click for more informationNew Rocky Horror Show Game
Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show Touch Me
We added some images from the soft launch party for the Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show Touch Me game online now. Click here to view

Click for more informationRocky Horror Show Euro Tour 2017/18 News
Check out our Dedicated Section for the Euro Tour here.

Click for more informationRocky Horror Tattoos
Inspired by a chat on facebook, we have a section to the timewarp.org.uk site, Rocky Horror Tattoos for you to send in your photographs for the archive.

Click for more informationPoll
The September to December online poll has begun, get voting now. Results from the last poll online now.

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