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Page updated Sunday, November 5th, 2023
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November, 2023
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The TimeWarp Web Site Competition is mostly for fun, however you can win the exclusive super-sought after TimeWarp Web Site Winners Badge. Crafted from pure plastic and metal, this 50mm diameter circle of destiny will alert others of your amazing Rocky Horror knowledge. Not available to buy, you can only win one here.

I'll see what I can find for a bonus prize.

In The Rocky Horror Show who says "Do you guys know how to Maddison?"


Which anniversary did the Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrate in 2000?


Which song features the lyric "With your hands on your hips"?


Which of these Rocky Horror Picture Show stars was in the movie Scary Movie 2?


Not at all a Killer Question: Who is hiding in the clock in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


Competition Rules    (by entering this competition you agree to be bound by these rules)
  • This Competition is open to Members & Non-Members of TimeWarp alike, UK or anywhere else on planets in the Solar system, excluding Mercury.
  • Entries must be sent before 00.00hrs UK time, 1st December, 2023. .The Winner's names and competition answers will be on this site by ten days after that date
  • One entry per person, unless otherwise stated above, multiple entries get randomly deleted down to just one and then we check if that entry is correct.
  • Two Winners each month, chosen at random from all correct entries received, will each receive an EXCLUSIVE TimeWarp Web Site Winner Badge, there is no cash alternative.
  • Some months there may be a bonus prize, if so the prize is valid for that month only. If you are old enough to see the movie or play, you should be old enough for most of the bonus prizes.
  • You must include a valid return email address (we need to contact you if you win!)
  • Unclaimed prizes (after we have tried to email you at least three times) will be forfeit after three months past the competition end date and we may give them out in future competitions.
  • Privacy Statement: Unlike some other sites, YOUR DETAILS WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS COMPETITION ONLY. We will not use them for any other purpose, nor pass them on to any third party except for purposes of collection/delivery of a bonus prize. Your details are not retained by us after the competition ends and the prizes have been sent out.

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