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Riff Raff's Frank Zapper
Frank Zapper
Flash 100k
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Memory Game
Flash 195k
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High Scores

for Frank Zapper,
Fruity Machine,
Virgin Quest
I've Spotted Dick!.
Flash 15k

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I've Spotted Dick!
Spotted Dick
Flash 106k
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Virgin Quest
Virgin Quest
Flash 125k
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Fruity Machine
Fruity Machine
Flash 200k
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Slider Puzzle
3 x Slider Puzzles
Flash 85k

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Riff Raff's Amazing Adventure GameRiff Raff's Amazing Adventure

Our original game from the 90's. You only need HTML to play.
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24 solve on-line Java
Rocky Jigsaw puzzles
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Rocky Crosswords Java
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Get Your Rocks Off
Transylvania Conventions

RH Quiz.
Javascript required

The Rocky Horror Show
Touch Me! game
Updated February 28th, 2016
Fruit MachinesThe Rocky Horror Show/Crystal Maze
Games Machines
Updated August 19th, 2011
 The Rocky Horror Show GameThe Rocky Interactive Horror Show
Reviews, Screenshots, sounds & TimeWarp Players Help Guide
 The Rocky Horror themed
Fairground Ride

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