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The TimeWarp Players Guide
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Please use this guide to help you out when you get stuck, don't use it to solve the game in an hour, it's much more fun working out the puzzles and answers for yourself! Although we have checked as many of the puzzles/solutions listed here, we cannot guarantee them (although they worked for me). We also now have the complete Walk Through for the game added to the site.
David Freeman - TimeWarp Webmaster

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Game Objectives and Controls

The object of the Game is to free your loved one (Brad if you are playing as Janet and Janet if you are playing as Brad) from the effects of the Medusa Machine before the counter reaches zero and the house returns to Transylvania.

You do this by collecting the nine parts of the De-Medusa Machine, it's not that easy though as there are eighty fiendish puzzles to be solved before you can free your loved one. Various objects scattered around the game will help in your quest, and the Narrator (Christopher Lee) will often offer a clue or two, watch out for the Game Devil (Richard O'Brien) as he doesn't always prove to be of help!

When you have collected all nine pieces of the machine you need to assemble them in the correct order via the backstage sub-game.

To move you character use the arrow keys to go left, right, up and down. Pressing the space bar allows you to either pick up/use objects or open doors (if you have unlocked them with the correct key if needed).

Use the U and I keys to scroll through you inventory to select the various objects you have collected.

If you have your clothes taken by a character you are not able to collect any more objects until you have recovered them, you are far too busy hiding your..... embarrassment.

The game is quite sensitive to character positioning, if you are sure you are using the correct object, but still cannot solve the puzzle, try moving the character slightly on the screen.

You must have the Game CD in your drive to see the AVI files.

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How to get more time

Walk through the bouncing lips scattered at various locations throughout the game (Try it naked for a real thrill!). You can also try squishing the creepy crawlies for some more time on the clock. Whenever you find a piece of the DeMedusa machine your time is also reset.


Riff-Raff, Magenta and Columbia tend to spend most of their time stealing your clothes if you tend to bump into them. Watch out for Riff's laser, or you could end up in the Infirmary. Getting run down by Eddie has a similar effect!

Rocky and Frank 'N' Furter are of some help during the game Frank will steal your clothes if you're not careful though!

Robbie the Robot can be very helpful solving the later puzzles. You will need to aquire his remote Control and Plug before you can make use of him though.


Most of the fun of the Game is to discover the rooms for yourself, if you really want a quick guide to them click this Rooms link.

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The Puzzles

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The Objects
(alphabetical order)

The De-Medusa Sub Game

After you have collected all nine pieces of the DeMedusa Machine, you will need to complete the sub-game to win. Go behind the stage into the small room and walk to the work bench. Use the up and down/ left and right keys to select the correct position for the mechanical arm. Select the objects in your inventory in the same order as the example, then push space to place them one by one in the correct positions. There are several examples you need to copy before the complete DeMedusa Machine will appear.

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