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The Rocky Interactive Horror Show GameThe Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game was released in March/April 1999 at a UK retail price of £29.99, both on-line ordering links above are at least a third cheaper now.

TimeWarp as the Offical UK Fan Club were given beta preview copies and first access to the artwork and screen-shots, we were also given permission to reproduce the .wav samples on this page. We also gave away TWO copies of the Game in our April 1999 Competition, congradulations to Steve Fitzgerald from Romford in Essex and Alison Newton from Bracknell.. We also gave away some Game Posters and Garters as prizes for ten of the runners up.

This site also features the full TimeWarp Player's Guide with every puzzle, object and task listed. The guide is set up to give you a clue when you get stuck, not as a full walk through. We have however now added a full walk through as the game has been around a while. Click the link above for the full guide.

The game features Richard O'Brien himself as the Game Devil and Christopher Lee as the Narrator.

The original press release for the game also listed a Sony Playstation version, but we do not think that will now appear.

There are over 65 locations in the game and more than 80 puzzles to solve in order to rescue either Brad or Janet. If you choose to play the part of Janet you must rescue Brad, if you play Brad you rescue.... Janet.

The game also features 7 Rotoscoped characters poised to cause chaos for the player.

There are video sequences of Richard O'Brien and Christopher Lee, as well as AVI's of Richard singing: TimeWarp, Sweet Transvestite and Super Heroes

Also included on the disc are three Audio dance track re-mixes of the songs listed above.

AwardWe liked the previews of the game so much, we've gave out this award:

Minimum System Requirements:
PC: P150 or faster | 16 MB+ RAM | 8 speed CD-ROM | 2 MB+ Graphics Card | Sound Blaster Compatable sound card | 300 MB free hard drive space

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Screen Shots
(Click the thumbnails for a larger image)

Front and Side Cover - Back Cover - Release Poster

These were the first images of the packaging and poster published anywhere on the net (thank you Janet at OnLine).

Below are some In-game preview screen shots. The attention to detail, such as a bear wearing an old
Stage Show T-Shirt gives a wonderful atmosphere to what is the best Rocky Horror Game to date.

Christopher Lee as the Narrator Richard O'Brien as the Game Devil

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Reviews/Press Release

I've finally finished playing the game, and here is my 'Wow, I Love It!'
review, as well as my 'First Look' review that was published here earlier.

Below is the Game Launch Press Release from On-Line PLC:

The entertainment milestone, Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show appears in a totally new guise as an astounding new graphic comedy adventure that will have everybody doing the time warp again.

Well, my dears, you all know the story, but are you ready to live it?

Brad and Janet are lost and in need of help, but the help they get is not what they banked on. You join the action at Frank 'n' Furter's mansion and choose to play either our hero or heroine. Your quest is to rescue your other half from a fate considerably worse than death at Frankie's hands in a real-time race to the end.

The show's original creator Richard O'Brien (Riff-Raff in the movie) is joined by Hammer Horror icon Christopher Lee to guide you through (or into) the many traps and pit-falls of the haunted house and its grounds.

To get to the end, you will have to:
Hear new and original songs from The Rocky Horror Show
performed by Richard O'Brien
Explore over 65 locations
Solve more than 80 puzzles

Experience over 30 hours of game play and meet Seven Rotascoped characters

But remember it's all a case of beating the clock. If you don't rescue Brad or Janet, the house will turn into a space ship and you'll be blasting off to planet Transsexual Transylvania.

The Rocky Interactive Horror Show is developed and published in the UK by On-Line PLC.

Richard O'Brien will be available for interviews about The Rocky Interactive Horror Show game as well as his forthcoming album Absolute O'Brien.

Don't dream it . . . Play it!

Richard also gave an interview about the game in the January 99 edition of PC Format magazine.

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Wav Files:

We have received a copy of the three bonus audio tracks. They feature mixes by Linus and Jamie White of:

TimeWarp (123K, 11 seconds)
Science Fiction Double Feature (78K, 7 seconds)
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)
(150K, 14 seconds)

The tracks have much more of a bass beat to them than previous recordings (the nearest thing we have to them is the 'Rocky Horror Disco Show' album). The tracks tend to need a couple of plays through to get used to the new mix but overall they are very well produced and make a worthy bonus item for the game and are worth adding to any collection.

All information and samples on this page are reproduced with the kind permission of On-Line PLC, copyright restrictions apply. I would like to add a special thank you to Janet Hewson at On-Line. The images on these pages have been optimized from their originals. (Changes in Contrast & Brightness and reduced file sizes for Faster Loading: approx one quarter of the original file sizes)

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