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Including reviews of previous shows
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Rocky Horror Show Tour
(Stage Tour Productions)
RHPS Screenings
(Movie Screenings)

For all UK Stage Tour dates TimeWarp will publish only confirmed dates. As the Official UK Fan Club we have a responsibility to provide accurate information. Venues have in the past refused contracts for shows when they have been inundated with requests for Tickets for productions that are not confirmed, this helps no-one, least all us fans.

We have a dedicated section for the 2021-2024 UK tour with all the current tour dates and information.

NEWWe also have a dedicated section for the 2024-? UK tour which starts in August. We'll add the dates here as well when the current tour ends..

Rocky Horror Show 2021 - 2024 UK dates.

The Rocky Horror Show UK Tour Date: Tuesday 27th February to Sunday 21st April 2024 (and may be extended)
Venue: Lido Theatre, Paris
Address: 116 bis avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris 8
Offers and Booking:
Offers and Booking:
Tickets are now on sale on the theatre web site.

Previous Rocky Horror Show UK Tours.

The Rocky Horror Show 2018/19 UK tour began on December 15th 2018. We have a dedicated archive section for the 2018/19 UK tour where you can check out thousands of images from the fans.

Rocky Horror Show 2012/2013.
For the 40th anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show we had a dedicated section for the 2012/13 tour with Cast Biographies, Dress Rehearsal photographs and our famous Fans at the Show section for you to send us your own images of you and your friends in costume.

We have an archive section for the 2009 tour: The Lab 2009, for you to check out that tour.

We also have archive details from the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch of their production of The Rocky Horror Show that ran from 13th May to 11th June, 2011.
Click here for our dedicated section for the show

And an archive of the 2012 European Tour of the show. Click here for the dates and links to their website

Other Rocky Horror Events/Contacts/etc. can be found in the Notice Boards section of the site.

All dates are supplied by Rocky Horror Company (show tour) or 20th Century Fox (film showings) and are published with their permission.

We only publish CONFIRMED dates unless clearly stated.

UKOur Cinema listings will always show original versions/fan based audience participation of the movie first. Singalonga versions are now listed in their own section further down.

Fan led and original RHPS screenings.
The original and best screenings of the movie,
with no break in the middle of the movie to sell more
drink and fan led participation done for the love of Rocky!

12AThe certificate for a cinema screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the UK is 12A. Some screenings may have another recommended age for attending if so we will try and list that on the individual date..

Screening of the original version of Rocky Horror Picture Show Date: Saturday 23rd March, 2024
Time: 10.30pm
Venue: Leeds Grand Theatre, Leeds
Address: Leeds Grand Theatre, 46 New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NU
Additional Information:
Booking opens 12th February
Details: Click here for booking.

New Listing
Screening of the original version of Rocky Horror Picture Show Date: Friday 26th April, 2024
Time: 7pm
Venue: Deptford Lounge, Deptford
Address: 9 Giffin St, Deptford, London SE8 4RJ
Additional Information:
Details: Click here for booking.

Screening of the original version of Rocky Horror Picture Show Date: Friday 31st May, 2024
Time: Doors 7pm - Movie 8pm
Venue: The Green Duck Events Space & Bar, Tunbridge Wells
Address: Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2AY
Additional Information:
Details: Click here for booking.

Want to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Click here for information about performing groups, what goes on at screenings and to read Dave's Rocky Horror Picture Show introduction. TimeWarp are always happy to help promote fan orientated film screenings. You can also use the Contact Form to Add a film screening.

Singalonga's RHPS screenings.

You can read what others think of Singalonga's version of Rocky Horror and send us your own comments on the TimeWarp site Singalonga RHPS page

Previous Event Reviews

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2009-2010 Tour archives. Previous dates and fans at the show from the 2009/10 tour.

2008/09 European tour of The Rocky Horror Show.

Open Air Screening at Leeds Castle with Richard O'Brien. Friday, 10th August, 2012 - 80 Images. Read Review

Chelmsford 2003 Picture Gallery courtesy of David Rumelle - 12 Images and a brief write up from Kev. Read Review

2006-2007 Tour archives. Pages with cast information, photos from the fans (1000s!) and previous tour dates: 2006 - 2007 | 1998 - 2000 | 2002 - 2003. Also 215 Images archived from the 1998-2003 tours.

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Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire. Saturday 21st August 2010
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Manchester 21st October 2001Read Review (with Richard O'Brien and Dr.Scotts Forks)

If you wish to send us a review of a showing you have seen, please use the Contact Form to send it to TimeWarp . Please note: we will only publish original reviews, if you have also submitted the review to another site we will not use it.

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